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Wargamers Recommend ZAP Over Other Super Glues for Miniatures!!

December 19th, 2013
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Check out this great product comparison video.  ZAP-A-Gap comes out the clear winner for use, by war gamers, with miniatures!!  [Two notes to the video:  Zap Zip-Kicker has not been banned in California, they just required an additional warning label on the product, AND Zap-A-Gap, in a smaller bottle, is now readily available at Michael’s and most other hobby stores!]

[Video Credit:  YouTube via Four Realms of Chaos]


Add Zap-A-Gap to your Fly Fishing Maintenance Kit

October 25th, 2013
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zap-2[Photo Credits:  FlyFishingUSA]

Fly Fishing is both a sport and an art!  It is important to always be prepared for whatever emergency situation might arise.  A “Traveling Angler’s Maintenance Kit” is a great idea that came to us via The FlyFishing Shop Insider Newsletter … Here’s what they suggest carrying along in the kit:

Zap-A-Gap Super Glue

A screw driver set that fits all screws on your reels

Extra tip-tops that fit your rods

Fly Line Cleaner

We know what it takes to trek out to a great fly fishing location, whether it’s a freshwater or saltwater destination, and we agree that a Fly Fishing Maintenance Kit is a terrific idea.  Who knows?  You may even find that Zap-A-Gap comes in handy as a sealer for the superficial scrapes, cuts and blisters that may be a result of landing the Big Catch as well!!

Happy Fishing!



WELL SAID: When Customers Speak Super Glue Corporation Listens!!

August 12th, 2013
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The best part of our day here at Super Glue Corporation and Pacer Technology is hearing from customers!  Whether they call us, or send us their story via our website, there is nothing we like better than talking to our customers.  I guess the fact that we have great, tried and true, products helps!!  😉

The majority of Super Glue Corporation customers – users of our brands like The Original Super Glue, Pro Seal, Bondini, ZAP, Front Porch Treasures, and Pacer Industrial – are very happy with our products’ performance.  Of course, every once in awhile they write in to ask us to perfect the product more or tweak it for their specific need; or to ask us where they can find our products, but we enjoy hearing these comments as well … they help us improve!

As a company, our roots were with the Remote Control model airplane business (this has now morphed into a whole new arena called drones!) … Many of our products were originally purposed for the hobby end of the industry.  Turns out this is a great foundation as hobbyists are some of the most detail oriented and precise people in the world!  They know what they need, they want what they need and they don’t let up until they get what they need for each part of their building process!!  Therefore, we have managed to build up quite a wide selection of high performance, job-specific products.  Many of these products end up being very multi-functional and work great across many genres!

This is where the fun comes in for us!  Hearing from people who love our products and depend on them for uses far beyond their original purpose …. we never imagined all the crossover uses, but it seems logical once you realize that many of the same issues occur in a wide arrange of hobbies, crafts, do-it-yourself projects and other fields! 

Here’s just one example of a cross-over product use:  FLY TYING!

fly-tying[Photo Credit:  Wikipedia:  Fly tying]

We say, “WELL SAID” to our customer B. Byrd who wrote in to tell us:  “I have used many adhesives for finishing flys and there is nothing on the market that even compares to the strength and virtual invisibility of Zap-a-Gap.  I would like to pass on to beginning tiers to not waste their time trying any other product!”

Thank You!  Once again, a satisfied customer made our day!!

ZapAGap1[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation website]

Don’t waste your time trying other products!! 🙂


ZAP A GAP for Go Bags!

December 17th, 2012
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Zap-A-Gap is a terrific super glue product.  Model-makers and woodworkers love it for bonding and mending.  It dries quickly and has amazing strength. 

Go Bags are disaster preparedness kits and this terrific video explains why Zap-A-Gap is “mission essential gear” for you to have in your Go Bag or even as an addition to your first aid kit … Great idea!!!  Thanks for the shout-out Opsgear(R). 

[Video Credit:  OPSGEAR(R) Product Overview]

Check Mate! This Tree Chess Board Rocks!

November 15th, 2012
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[PHOTO CREDIT:  Tree – vs – Robot Sean Corr – Artist]





We stumbled across this amazing hand-made chess board on-line and were blown away by the creativity and talent involved with making it.  Wow!!  It ROCKS (or shall we say It TREES ;))… Such attention to detail and brilliant craftsmanship! 

Once we studied the directions for how the chess pieces were made we were delighted to find that the artist, Sean Corr, described using our very own ZAP-A-GAP product to attach the moss to the wire “branches” to create the trees!  Find the description on the Tree – vs – Robot blog.

 Thanks for the shoutout, Sean!  Bravo for your outstanding work!

Want Trout? Try Tying A Brassie with Zap-A-Gap

July 26th, 2012
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Are you a trout fishing enthusiast?  Do you have difficulty getting your fly down to where the trout feed?  According to Tim Flagler, “The brassie is simply an extremely effective pattern which imitates both caddis and midge larvae, with the added bonus that it sinks like a rock, getting down to levels where the trout most often feed.”

Check it out — this video is OUTSTANDING!  We are, of course, proud that it features our product Zap-A-Gap … we’ve heard anecdotal evidence for many, many years that fly fishermen love Zap-A-Gap for fly tying, but this descriptive visual is really first-rate and will, most importantly,  help you catch more trout!!  Here you go:

Brassie from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.

If you would like to try Zap-A-Gap for fly tying, send us your name, address, and a request for “Sample of Zap-A-Gap for Fly Tying” via this link and we will send you a bottle.  Supplies are limited and offer expires August 31, 2012.

Fishing “Tech Tip” Using Zap-A-Gap

March 13th, 2012
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[Video Credit:  Catch Multimedia:  GillznFinz Television]

Coral Propagation and Super Glue Gel

December 19th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  The Filter Guys]

Coral Propagation is  a very interesting hobby.  We have been hearing about it for years as consumers write in to tell us how they use our super glue products.  ZAP super glue gel seems to be a favored product among aquarium and reef forum contributors and our readers. 

Along with ZAP super glue gel these hobbyists also recommend Zap-A-Gap super glue.  It is also a thick gel that is specially designed for gap filling.  It fills in the coral irregularities and will help attach it to reef rocks or commercial frag tools.  It is best to attach the coral frag to a dry plug or rock outside of the aquarium and then submerge it into the water.  Both the ZAP super glue gel and Zap-A-Gap products are not harmful to the other aquarium inhabitants and by the time the coral attaches itself and the growth process takes off the super glue will disolve and disappear altogether as it ultimately breaks down in water. 

Coral propagation is a very fulfilling hobby as coral reproduces rapidly, transfers easily and can be shared and traded with other hobbyists.  There are so many different varieties of coral out there.  What a cool, fascinating hobby!

If you use super glue products to propagate coral send us your tips and tricks!  We want to hear from you!!


Wild Fowl Carver Loves Zap-A-Gap Glue!

September 15th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  Kenneth Kincade]

Wow, check out these amazing hand carved ducks!  Our customer, Kenneth Kincade, sent us these terrific pictures.  He “hand carves life size competition grade decorative duck water fowl”.

Kenneth told us he “started carving on a challenge from another wood carver.  He showed me a carving he just finished and asked me how it looked, when I told him how to make it better, I was told to carve my own and see if mine was any better.  My bird came in 2nd at the Louisiana Wildfowl Carvers Show that is held in September of every year.  As a novice carver I was hooked on wood carving.  That was in 1983.  Now at 68, I compete in the Louisiana Wildfowl World Championship and in Maryland’s Ward Brothers Wildfowl Competition in August.”

Another carver first told Kenneth about Zap-A-Gap glue.  Now Kenneth says, “Wow, What great glue!”

We say, “Wow, What great carvings!” … We’re amazed by your work, Kenneth.  Thanks for sharing your story with us so we can share your photos with our readers!  We’re happy to know super talented artists like you depend on our products!

Model Mania

March 3rd, 2011
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 [Video Credit:  Hoggamadog on You Tube ]

In an age where computers, televisions, ipads, ipods, and extreme technology seem to rule it is interesting to note how many hobbyists are still hard at work building scale models in their spare time.  We hear from all kinds of model builders, including scale model builders, who use our glues and cyanoacrylates to recreate accurate model replicas of airplanes, trains, cars, trucks, buildings, dioramas, ships, wargames (real and fictional) and more.

These niche markets attract hundreds and thousands of creative people who, along with assembling model kits and designing their own models, usually spend many, many hours researching the history, life and times, surrounding the models they build.  We think these people are amazing.  Preserving history is so important and these crafters are helping ensure that the images from our past can be viewed and recalled with accuracy for generations to come.  

Our company has a deep and wide connection with these creative producers.  Here’s a quote from the About Us page on the Super Glue Corporation website:  “From our humble roots producing hobby airplane kits, Super Glue Corporation/Pacer Technology has grown exponentially over the last four decades to become the worldwide leader in the manufacture of high grade bonding agents.”  Our premium brand cyanoacrylate product, Zap(R), seems to be a preferred adhesive product of model builders (note the bottle of Zap A Gap sitting on the work table for the ship in the video above).  We take our role in this model mania very seriously and our research and development team works hand in hand with hobbyists to continue to create the best products possible to meet the specific needs of the people using our products.

If you are a hobbyist specializing in model making we want to hear from you!  Your challenges are our challenges!  Share your stories with us and you may win free sample products!