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Handyman Club of America Gives Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval

March 13th, 2012
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[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation]

We just learned that our E-Z Fuse Tape has received a 96% approval rating from the Handyman Club of America. E-Z Fuse Tape will be featured in the April/May issue of the Handy Magazine and has earned the Handyman Club of America Member Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval. 

 Handyman Club members are not paid to try out products and only some of the products tested get high enough scores to receive the Handyman Seal of Approval.  E-Z Fuse Tape received a 96% approval rating confirming some of the other consumer testing data we performed on the product!  It’s a winner!  Better than sticky electrical tape and waterproof, too!

Here are a few of the responses we received from the testers:

Howard wrote: “I used it on the handle of a shovel that was starting to split and it worked great. I was very impressed with how conveniently it worked just by stretching it and bonding it to itself. I was very amazed at its durability. I plan on getting a roll for my motorhome as it will be a handy item to have for emergencies etc. Thanks for allowing me to test it.”

 Joseph wrote: “I used the tape to repair a garden hose as suggested by the manufacturer. It was easy to use, adhered strongly to the hose, and was very strong as it repaired the leaking hose without even a drip. I highly recommend this product and imagine that it has numerous uses for the house and automobile.”

 Michael wrote: “a friend had a leak in a radiator.  I had the tape in my tool box, so I used it on the leak.  The hose is in a difficult place to replace, and would be  costly to replace.  It worked immediately, and he has decided to leave it in place instead of replacing the hose…”

 John wrote: “I have used products over the years that were like this. I have seen it priced for twice what MSRP is, I would not pay that for home use but 6 bucks would put it in my auto emergency kits and my earthquake supplies.”

 Keith really put our tape to the test! He wrote: “It stuck and did not come loose in both hot and cold environments. I put it in the freezer for about 40 hours, put it in the oven at 500 degrees for an hour and applied the tape to a piece of conduit while it was wet. I also let it sit in a bucket of water for half a day. After all that I could not remove the tape.”

 Joseph wrote: “I used the E-Z Fuse Black tape to waterproof my electrical connections for outdoor Christmas lights.  Not only did the tape appear to provide a completely waterproof bond to itself and the wiring it will not unravel in the wet and freezing environment as the typical vinyl electrical tape does.”

 Theresa wrote: “I love it better then ducktape, it does not leave glue stuff behind like ducktape or electric tape. I love that it seals wet or dry so you do not have to wait.”

Dorothy wrote: “We had a pin hole leak in a plastic hot  water pipe, late on a cold Saturday. The hot water is an essential part of our heating system, so we didn’t want to turn it off. Even though hot water was spraying out of the hole, I wrapped the E-Z Fuse tape around the pipe, according to directions, and it stopped the leak. It was still dry two days later when a plumber came to fix the leak.  We were really impressed.”

E-Z Fuse Tape is currently available at … get this … 99 cents only stores!  Go grab a bunch while you can! 

Tell us your story about how you use E-Z Fuse Tape or one of our other SUPER Glue products and you may win some free samples!

E-Z Fuse Tape A Must-Have For Round The World Sailing Adventures

October 24th, 2011
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EZ-fuse-for-boating-225x300[Photo Credit:  Chad & Brother]

Last month we posted a blog about our newest product, E-Z Fuse Tape, and how super useful it is!  Well, guess what?  This month we received another great testimonial!!

Chad and his brother are on a sailing trip around the world and one of our sales representatives happened to give him some E-Z Fuse Tape to take along on their trip.  It wasn’t long before Chad sent in this photo along with this terrific thank you note:

Hey Guys,  Check this out.  The exhaust no longer heats up the engine room!  Did NASA create EZ fuse tape because that is some incredible stuff.  Anyway, thanks again.  We are off to a small island in the pacific tomorrow morning with a purring engine.  Thanks for making my life easy.”

Wow, Chad!  Thanks for taking the time to send in this terrific picture and testimonial for our product.  Good luck on your sailing adventure around the world!!

Hold It! Clamp It! New E-Z Fuse Tape – Super Useful!

September 15th, 2011
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  Super Glue Corporation has a great new product that has lots of different uses.  It’s called E-Z Fuse Tape.  It looks a little like old fashioned electrical tape, and it has many of the same uses, but it isn’t nearly as sticky or permanent as the old black tape used to be.  The video above shows Dan using the tape as a clamp while the epoxy he applied to a broken sign sets.  The tape sticks to itself, but doesn’t stick to the wooden sign so it can be removed instantly and leaves no residue behind.

The E-Z Fuse Tape is also waterproof!   Recently, a lucky group of wakeboarders just happened to have some of the tape on board.  This young wakeboarder’s baggy shorts would have surely fallen to his knees if he hadn’t made a makeshift belt out of the tape!  The miracle tape held up underwater all afternoon!

Fans of this terrific product say they’ve used it to “temporarily affix a towel on our Bimini poles to create some shade.  It was perfect for the job.  When we no longer needed the shade we could cut off the tape and use the towel without there being any residue on the towel or pole.”

The magical tape is available in white, black and a variety of widths and lengths.

If you are interested in trying out the E-Z Fuse Tape send us your name and address along with the title “I’ve gotta have some E-Z Fuse Tape!”, before October 15th, and we will send you a sample (while supplies last).


Repairing a sign with The Original Super Glue Corporation’s 5 Minute Epoxy and E-Z Fuse Tape from Super Glue Corporation on Vimeo.

E-Z Fuse Tape – Wire Clutter Relief And More!

June 15th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation]

The launch of Super Glue Corporation’s newest product spells relief from wire clutter, frayed cords/rope ends, and much more.  A versatile, easy-to-use product, E-Z Fuse Tape comes in a variety of colors and widths for multiple uses.  While the bond is permanent; the product leaves absolutely no residue behind when removed.

This tape is amazing!  Flexible and durable – the tape is waterproof, insulating and self fusing.   You can wrap E-Z Fuse around the handles of garden tools, golf clubs, tennis racquets, ping pong paddles, bicycle handles and more, to extend grip life and support. 

By wrapping the tape around electrical connections you can ensure airtight weather and waterproofing.  If your water pipe or garden hose springs a leak you can quickly seal the hoses and pipes until replacements can be made.

Boating enthusiasts will definitely want to keep E-Z tape handy for boat riggings and rope ends.  Plumbing issues and emergency O-Rings and Seals are wrapped up quickly and efficiently with this tape.  The tape resists damage from salt water, fresh water and even uv rays!

Check out this terrific picture of how one satisfied customer eliminated messy television wire clutter, in minutes, using E-Z Fuse Tape.


This is a seriously great product … Go get some 🙂  Available anywhere The Original Super Glue(R) products are sold!

Tell us your story … Let us know how you use Super Glue Corporation products and you may win free samples! 

Send us an email with any questions you may have about the different colors or sizes E-Z Fuse Tape comes in and you may win a free sample!