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Make Your Own Smart Cover For IPAD

March 21st, 2011
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Well, once again, the latest, coolest trend from 6 months ago is now dated and “old school”; something newer and cooler has hit stores!  In this case, it’s the Ipad 2 … replacing its predecessor, the Ipad 1, but guess what?  Using a little super glue and some magnets – you can upgrade your old Ipad with the latest smart cover!

We loved this blog The Russians Used A Pencil!  It clearly describes the process for transforming your Ipad 1 with the Ipad 2 smart cover.  Here’s how simple it is according to this blog:

“To place the magnets, I stuck them first to the magnetized hinge of the Smart Cover. I slid them around until they became locked into a position. This ended being asymmetrical, but I didn’t mind. I then lined up the cover with the iPad and used masking tape to mark where the magnets should be placed. I wanted this to be a somewhat permanent solution, so I used super glue to affix the magnets to the iPad.”

Check out the instructive video here:

Smart Cover for iPad 1 from Studio Neat on Vimeo.

Yay, it’s good to know we can be hip again with the help of these creative guys, some magnets, and a few drops of super glue!!