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Balsa Wood Super Glue Tip – One of Many Science Olympiad Discoveries!

February 13th, 2012
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Super Glue Corporation salutes the young scientists in America and beyond!  Science Fairs and the Science Olympiad are terrific ways for young people to discover and display important research findings.  Everyone can learn from the students’ precision and problem solving skills. 

Check out this video — This young man has discovered a clever technique for gluing thin, balsa wood corners together using Zap CA, accelerator (we would recommend Zip Kicker), and clear tape as surface protection.  This tip is very handy, especially when lots of these mitered corners are required in building the towers, bridges, and structures specified in these competitions. 

  [Video Credit:  NC Science Olympiad:  How To Glue Balsa]

Good luck to everyone competing in the 2012 Science Olympiad National Tournament in Florida, May 18-19th, 2012.

Young Scientists:  Let us know how you are using super glue products to compete in a science fair or upcoming Science Olympiad and you may win free products!