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Be A Hero – Keep Super Glue Handy!

October 16th, 2012
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Our senior systems analyst is one busy mama!  However, it seems she’s found a way to make her job work for her at home as well! 

Recently, Syanna wrote in to tell us how she has become a hero at home all because she is able to fix her kids toys in seconds …. “Any broken toy that they have they will ask me … Mommy, can you fix my toy with superglue?”  Check out this ‘before and after’ shot of a yoyo Syanna (with her handy tube of super glue) was able to repair … she also fixed the crown (shown in the “after” shot as well) with super glue.   She said, “The crown’s top was broken in three pieces.”

[Photo Credit:  Syanna K.]

So …. if you want to score major points at home with your kids (or anyone for that matter) just remember this tip:  Be A Hero – Keep Super Glue Handy!

Thanks, Syanna, for sharing your story and pics with us!!  P.S. We think you’re a hero at home AND at work 🙂