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The Goods On Sports Adhesives

May 31st, 2016
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Sports Adhesives

Sports Adhesives and the Sports Enthusiast

Participants from every sports discipline demand a great deal from their equipment, particularly if they’ve paid for the high-end stuff. So, when a big brand puts its name on a product and sponsors a high profile professional athlete to endorse it, sports fans buy into the hype and trust that they’re getting quality goods.

Even the highest paid NBA player relies on a pair of shoes that will protect his feet from the hardwood — while not coming unglued.

Sports Adhesives Make Repairs Possible

From hockey players to weightlifters to snowboarders, today’s most successful athletes are faster, stronger and more skilled than ever before. In addition to the pressure they put upon themselves to achieve more, they put an equal amount of pressure on their equipment.

Basketball players have special footwear (without adhesives, their shoes would lack shape and structure); hockey players customize their sticks (with an adhesive tape that sticks and stretches); and snowboarders repair and personalize their boards (with polyurethane adhesives to repair cracks and adhesive board skins to identify cool graphics).

With most sports equipment (like hockey skates, snowboards, baseball bats), bonding adhesives and epoxies are commonly used to ensure a flawless performance — even under extreme conditions of use such as heat, cold, pressure and vibrations. In order to determine which adhesive will work best for your particular needs, refer to our handy online Glue Guide.

Too Much of a Good Thing

“An apology is the super glue of life.”

Sticky situations are a fact of life. Prior to the ban imposed in 1981, ‘sticky’ substances like glue or rosin (tree sap) were rumored to be commonly used by players in the National Football League to improve their grip on the ball. Oakland Raiders defensive back Lester Hayes and Hall of Famer Jerry Rice were called out for using a glue-like substance to improve their stats.”

Whenever any adhesive is applied and made to perform against its intended purpose, compromises are made and the integrity of the product is challenged. With every application, make sure you’re using the right adhesive for the task at hand, follow the application instructions, and keep out of reach of children.

Find out why Bondini by Super Glue  is a sports enthusiast’s fantasy adhesive!

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