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HandiTak User Review – Hang Posters with No Damage to Walls!

August 28th, 2012
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[Video Credit:  Expo TV]

This is a great review for our product, Handi-Tak!  A great replacement for pushpins, tacks and nails; you can adhere posters and pictures to any surfaces without damage.  Simply knead the Handi-Tak into a ball so that it gets tacky and poof! it sticks anywhere.  It has great holding power!  Great for dorm rooms, offices, apartments and any place you want to hang things and still be able to remove them whenever you want without having to repair the wall.

Back to College Tip – Send Super Glue Along!

August 31st, 2009
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Hot Tip! – Send super glue along with college students for quick dorm room repairs!  Many of our best product use tips come to us directly from our customers.  Here’s a great story, sent in by Josiah, demonstrating just how handy a tube of super glue can be:

“My story involves a college dorm room a broken towel rack and Super Glue.  Due to an unfortunate turn of events the towel rack in my college dorm room broke free from the wall.  It had two feet that held it to the wall and one side came off.  I didn’t panic even though I knew that I would be charged for the damage.  I knew that I had a secret weapon that could save me some badly needed cash.  I went for my Super Glue like a frat boy towards an unguarded beer can.  I carefully applied the glue to the wall and to the part of the rack that had come loose.  I pressed it up to the wall and held on to it like I normally hold on to my wallet.  When I was sure it was dry I let go and tested it.  By the grace of all that is sacred it stayed in place and I avoided a damage charge that semester. . .”

[Super Glue Blogger’s note:  Great tip and we also suggest you send along a pack or two of  HandiTAK with college students.  Great for hanging posters, calendars, and pictures without damaging dorm room walls.  Just don’t forget to knead the HandiTAK until it is tacky for super holding power!]