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Happy Halloween!!

September 29th, 2013
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Pumpkin-lanterns-240x300[Photo Credit:  Martha Stewart Living via Pinterest]

Happy Halloween, Everyone!!

Love these terrific Pumpkin Lanterns we found on Pinterest (originally showcased in Martha Stewart Living and on  You can find the directions  for how to adorn the store bought lanterns (by clicking on the Martha link), but it basically involves:  orange and yellow paper lanterns, craft paper, wire, pipe cleaners, fishing line and craft glues or dots

So festive — we love them!!  Super classy …. use them as your fall holiday decor from now through Thanksgiving.



Disneyland FUN!

October 18th, 2010
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On a cool, crisp, October Saturday Super Glue Corporation’s owners honored employees, and their families, by treating them to a day at Disneyland.  Though located only about 45 minutes away from Super Glue Corporation’s Rancho Cucamonga headquarters, spending the day at the magic kingdom is still a thrill for everyone!

The lines for all the favorite attractions are usually quite long, but the wait enables you plenty of time to take in all of the many amazing details around the park.  This first picture is from the haunted mansion.  It’s decorated from head to toe/ceiling to floor for the holidays featuring Jack Skellington and “fiends”.  We couldn’t help but wonder how much super glue and epoxy is used throughout the park 😉 … We’re guessing gobs as there are plenty of things to attach!  [Side Note:  Sources tell us Disney artists go through lots of Contractor’s Size Epoxy.]

Our entire sales team flew in from all over the country (Washington, Ohio, Georgia, New York, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, and more) for the day at Disneyland making it an even more special occasion for the whole company.  A delicious lunch was served, in a private pavilion … entertainment was provided by Mickey Mouse himself, as well as “the most organized balloon man ever” (quote by our insurance provider’s seven year old son)!

Check out the following pics!  You may enjoy seeing some of the friendly faces, and families, behind The Original Super Glue(R) … most have been with us for years! » More: Disneyland FUN!