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Prankster Problems and Super Glue

October 9th, 2011
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Every year, especially the day after Halloween, questions come in about how to remove super glue from toilet seats, floors (flip flops, coins, etc.) and even car door locks.  It doesn’t take a detective’s mind to know that these problems did not occur after super glue had been used in a productive, constructive way.  No, these poor souls are asking these questions because they were pranked.  Pranksters find super glue great fun to use.  Unfortunately, sometimes along with just being a pain to remove, these antics can cause destructive, irreparable damage.

Recently, Ask Andy, a household advice columnist, directed a reader’s question to Super Glue Corporation’s consumer hotline.  Here’s the reader’s question: 

 Dear Andy, some vandal has Superglue’d the door lock on my new car. Getting into the car is no problem as I use the remote to open the door. The problem comes in the fact that excess glue was allowed to run down the door. I know there are products that dissolve Superglue, but is there anything that does the job without harming the paintwork?


Excellent question and one our regulatory affairs manager, Mary Robles, is quite familiar with answering!  Check out Mary’s thorough answer to Ask Andy’s question by following this link.

All super glue packages and products are labelled with caution statements and contact information.  If you have questions about removing super glue, or safety related to using super glue, check out our website or contact us directly.  Super Glue is a powerful product.  Unfortunately, sometimes when this power gets in the wrong hands it is abused.  🙁 

Pranksters should be forewarned though that super glue can cause real damage and is not always an easy fix for victims and their property.  Law enforcement has and will deal with the damage caused by pranksters in a very serious way.