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Comic Con ‘n Glue ‘n Stuff

July 26th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  Superman Homepage Kid’s Craft – Flying Superman]

Not sure about you, but we were into Comic Con last week!  Follow on Twitter @comic_con.  Comic adventures and characters are so much fun and they are streaming to us in many more ways than the traditional comic book, cartoon, and comic strips some of us first began following.   Several expanded comic-centered media and art forms exist today including video games, feature films, graphic novels, tattoos, 3D, and anime/manga (“whimsical pictures …. featuring exageratted physical features such as large eyes, big hair, and elongated limbs ….”), but at the core comic themes remain true to their roots.

There’s just something about these super heroes, villains, and their awesome adventures that generations of comic lovers continue to adore.  The themes are universal and dependable like mom and pop, stars and moon, breakfast cereals and super-glue, right?

Alas, is this historical love fest for tradition not reciprocated?  We were shocked 😉 to hear Director Zach Snyder say that his latest film “Sucker Punch is not a movie based on a breakfast cereal or super-glue.”  What’s that about? 🙂  Why diss us? 🙂 …

Anyway, it’s all fun stuff and we, like you, enjoy sticking with what’s happening and new …  Speaking of … Here’s a fun project for kids of all ages … check out this link to find out how to make this cool “Inter Action Flying Superman” figure using a toilet paper tube, color printer, extra thick printer paper, scissors, and glue

 Happy Summer, hope it’s SUPER!