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Pear Tree Grafting and Super Glue

April 24th, 2012
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It’s spring and there is nothing better than seeing new, green growth popping up everywhere!  Nature is fascinating and when you add man into the mix things get really interesting.  We recently ran across this incredible article about grafting Bartlett pears onto a Keiffer Pear tree using super glue!

You should really read the entire article, but basically Mike A. wrote in to tell Walter how his experiment worked, “I just made simple angled cuts on both pieces and I put a tiny dab of glue in the very center of one piece, being sure not to use so much that it would squeeze out when pressed together.  I aligned the cambium layers, applied a little pressure for a few seconds, and it bonded tightly.”  For added support Mike A. then wrapped the branches with tape which he will remove later. 

Kudos for this amazing experiment … we would love to be kept in the loop on how it works as well … Wonder if the pears will be Bartletts or Keiffers or Barters or Keifletts or ???  Share your story with us and you may win free products!