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WELL SAID: When Customers Speak Super Glue Corporation Listens!!

August 12th, 2013
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The best part of our day here at Super Glue Corporation and Pacer Technology is hearing from customers!  Whether they call us, or send us their story via our website, there is nothing we like better than talking to our customers.  I guess the fact that we have great, tried and true, products helps!!  😉

The majority of Super Glue Corporation customers – users of our brands like The Original Super Glue, Pro Seal, Bondini, ZAP, Front Porch Treasures, and Pacer Industrial – are very happy with our products’ performance.  Of course, every once in awhile they write in to ask us to perfect the product more or tweak it for their specific need; or to ask us where they can find our products, but we enjoy hearing these comments as well … they help us improve!

As a company, our roots were with the Remote Control model airplane business (this has now morphed into a whole new arena called drones!) … Many of our products were originally purposed for the hobby end of the industry.  Turns out this is a great foundation as hobbyists are some of the most detail oriented and precise people in the world!  They know what they need, they want what they need and they don’t let up until they get what they need for each part of their building process!!  Therefore, we have managed to build up quite a wide selection of high performance, job-specific products.  Many of these products end up being very multi-functional and work great across many genres!

This is where the fun comes in for us!  Hearing from people who love our products and depend on them for uses far beyond their original purpose …. we never imagined all the crossover uses, but it seems logical once you realize that many of the same issues occur in a wide arrange of hobbies, crafts, do-it-yourself projects and other fields! 

Here’s just one example of a cross-over product use:  FLY TYING!

fly-tying[Photo Credit:  Wikipedia:  Fly tying]

We say, “WELL SAID” to our customer B. Byrd who wrote in to tell us:  “I have used many adhesives for finishing flys and there is nothing on the market that even compares to the strength and virtual invisibility of Zap-a-Gap.  I would like to pass on to beginning tiers to not waste their time trying any other product!”

Thank You!  Once again, a satisfied customer made our day!!

ZapAGap1[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation website]

Don’t waste your time trying other products!! 🙂


The Sweetest Valentine Gift You Can Give!

January 26th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  “The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook” Lemon Bars]

We have a fabulous Valentine’s gift idea for ALL of the loved ones in your life – your spouse, boyfriend, parents, kids, neighbors, teachers, colleagues or anyone!!  It has all of the necessary ingredients: It’s homemade with love, and everyone you might want to give a Valentine to will be impressed by both your thoughtfulness, and your tasty gift!  This idea takes TIME not MONEY to create!

All you need is a yummy recipe for cookies or bars – our example is lemon bars, but choose your own specialty.  Here’s all you need to do:

– Make the lemon bars, cookies, pies or cake.

– Purchase a special plate (paper,plastic or glass) from your local dollar store or 99 cents only store.

– Wrap your homemade treats up with cellophane and tie a special ribbon around the top and then attach a handmade recipe card to your gift.  Check out the super creative video below to see how to make your recipe card POP using scrapbooking embellishments and Front Porch Treasures (R) foam tape, dots and squares (currently available at 99 cents only stores)!

[Lemon Cookie Recipe Cards – Crop With Lisa]

Send us a picture of how you adapted this Valentine Craft idea for your loved one and we will send you a Front Porch Treasures(R) scrapbooking item that you can use for your next craft project!  Just email us the picture along with your name, address, and the code word VALENTINE PROJECT prior to February 28, 2011.  Supplies are limited.

HAPPY CRAFTING and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY from Super Glue Corporation!!

Teachers Rock!

August 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  A Small Fox In A Big World blog]

It still seems like summer to us, but we know of several schools (here in California and elsewhere, too) that have already started the new school year.

We just want to say “TEACHERS ROCK”!  So many hours are spent by teachers every year decorating classrooms and preparing lesson plans, usually on shoestring budgets.  It is awe-inspiring how much love and time is dedicated to making learning fun, rewarding, motivating, and enjoyable for our young people.

While perusing clever blogs we came across this nifty summertime theme for a school library:  “Make A Splash READ“.  In it the author describes making these hanging fish:  

“All you need to do is cut out a triangle from the edge of the plate to serve as the mouth and then glue or tape that triangle to the back of the fish for a tail.”

White glue or The Original Super Glue’s Accutool would work great for this project.  We also suggest the whole line of sticky tape and dots we have in our Front Porch Treasures(R) line of scrapbooking products.

For more specifics on creating the scene for this great reading program go directly to this article to see pictures and descriptions of the entire fun reading theme.  Thanks for sharing your ideas on-line Small_Fox!  Teachers Rock!

Hooray for Accolades! Glue Tape Dispenser ROCKS!

November 11th, 2009
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Creative Home Arts COVERCreative Home Arts[Source:  Today’s Creative Home Arts Magazine Nov/Dec 2009]

Super Glue Corporation’s Front Porch Treasures(R) brand GLUE TAPE DISPENSER was recently awarded the Member Tested and Recommended “Seal of Approval” from Today’s Creative Home Arts Magazine.

Earning a near perfect 96% Approval Rating and 98% Price Point Approval the GLUE TAPE DISPENSER won rave reviews for its design, performance, appearance, ease of use, clarity of instructions and quality.  This recommendation is extremely important to The Original Super Glue as Creative Home Arts Club member testers are artists and crafters who really know what they are looking for as they judge and recommend products for their seal of approval.  We really value these testers’ comments and feedback.

Super Glue Corporation offers an array of adhesives under the Front Porch Treasures(R) brand.  All are perfect for scrapbooking and other arts and crafts projects.

Check out this video:

Front Porch Treasures Product Knowledge Video from Super Glue Corporation on Vimeo.