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Add Zap-A-Gap to your Fly Fishing Maintenance Kit

October 25th, 2013
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zap-2[Photo Credits:  FlyFishingUSA]

Fly Fishing is both a sport and an art!  It is important to always be prepared for whatever emergency situation might arise.  A “Traveling Angler’s Maintenance Kit” is a great idea that came to us via The FlyFishing Shop Insider Newsletter … Here’s what they suggest carrying along in the kit:

Zap-A-Gap Super Glue

A screw driver set that fits all screws on your reels

Extra tip-tops that fit your rods

Fly Line Cleaner

We know what it takes to trek out to a great fly fishing location, whether it’s a freshwater or saltwater destination, and we agree that a Fly Fishing Maintenance Kit is a terrific idea.  Who knows?  You may even find that Zap-A-Gap comes in handy as a sealer for the superficial scrapes, cuts and blisters that may be a result of landing the Big Catch as well!!

Happy Fishing!