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Fix Broken Fingernails with a Tea Bag and Super Glue

July 20th, 2012
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We’ve blogged about this idea in the past, but we recently came across this awesome “how-to” video on Pinterest so we wanted to share the idea again with you.  You can repair and reinforce a torn or broken fingernail in seconds using just a tea bag and super glue!

Source: via Niami on Pinterest


Special thanks to sccastaneda for using our The Original Super Glue Gel product in the video!!


Accutool + Tea Bag = Fingernail Fix

February 17th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  Embrace Your Heart blog]

Weather, water, health and lots of other issues can cause fingernails to be brittle and crack or tear.  Super Glue Corporation’s own Susie M. recently had a nail tear stretching horizontally across her nail.  She remembered reading about a quick fingernail fix in Real Simple magazine a few years back so she decided to give it a try.  The result was terrific!  Here’s her testimonial:

“I was reading a magazine from a few years ago about a quick fingernail fix.  They said to cut a small piece of an unused tea bag and place it over the fingernail tear then apply nail glue over it.  Once the glue is dry file it down to a smooth finish.  I tried it yesterday using the Accutool and it worked GREAT!  My fingernail had torn about half way (right to left).  The Accutool was perfect because I was able to control the drop of glue so well.  Also, for added support I repeated the process under my nail bed.  So far the fix seems to be better than when the nail salon has fixed a tear.  Their fix was always on the weak side and didn’t last very long.  My nail is as good as new!”

Hey, thanks for the great tip, Susie!!  The precision and pin-point accuracy provided by the Accutool makes it the perfect super glue product for this application.  Additionally, the fact that the dispenser stands up on its own makes it a handy desktop accessory for  professional nail technicians as well.  This video shows the Accutool in action:

ACCUTOOL® Product Knowledge Video from Super Glue Corporation on Vimeo.