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Elephant Seal Scientists!

January 13th, 2010
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dn14506-1_250[PHOTO CREDIT:  Christophe Guinet via NewScientist]

What do Elephant Seals and Waterproof Epoxy have to do with scientific research?  Well, check out this fascinating story.

In a study initiated by France’s National Musueum of Natural History some important science is being conducted using creative measures.  58 Elephant Seals have been recruited as scientists in the Antarctic Seas.  The seals are being used to collect important data from the thick, ice-covered seas proven previously inaccessible by research ships.  According to the article, in NewScientist, by Tamsin Osborne, 58 seals have monitors glued to their heads “using epoxy, an extremely strong, waterproof glue.” 

With the sensor monitors the elephant seals “can take accurate measurements of salinity, temperature and depth, and relay them by satellite” aiding in important global warming research!  Elephant Seal Scientists – Wow!

It is amazing the many different uses people come up with for adhesives, but this is one of the most unique we’ve encountered in a long time.  We know that epoxies are very strong glues and Super Glue Corporation’s underwater epoxy could certainly hold up to the waterproof test.  Watch this video to see how it can even be applied underwater:

Anchor-Tite Product Knowledge Video from Super Glue Corporation on Vimeo.