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Life Saving Super Glue To The Rescue For Kansas Baby!

June 10th, 2013
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According to a story published on June 9, 2013 by FoxNews.Com, a baby at the University of Kansas Hospital was saved from a “traumatic hemorrhage” by doctors and super glue

Ashlyn Julian, a 3 week old baby girl, had a MRI that, according to the article, “revealed an olive-size aneurysm that was causing bleeding in her brain”.   Apparently such aneurysms are very rare in children and so, according to neurosurgeon Dr. Koji Ebersole in the article, “No infant-size tools are made for treating the condition … Wary of the approach typically used for adult patients – opening the skull to operate on the aneurysm – Ebersole and a team of doctors from several area hospitals on Wednesday decided to repair Ashlyn’s brain from the inside.” 

The surgical procedure involved brain imaging machinery, a catheter and ultimately “Ebersole was able to deposit the sterile, surgical superglue on the affected blood vessel.  The glue dried in seconds and created an internal cast, sealing the blood vessel …. ‘It’s literally the same compound as the superglue you’d find in the store,’ Ebersole said.”

The procedure is very rare and it may have been the first time it was ever performed on an infant.  Check out the full article for all of the facts!  Wow, we knew super glue was incredible, but life saving puts it in a whole new realm!!

Thank you, Dr. Harry Coover, for your amazing invention!!!

Super Glue Making Health News for Multiple Uses!

February 14th, 2013
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An article by Sharon Worcester, in the January 2013 issue of Skin and Allergy News states “A cyanoacrylate adhesive-based implant is feasible, safe and effective for the treatment of great saphenous vein incompetence, according to 1-year follow up data from the first study of the product in humans….. Of 38 patients with an incompetent great saphenous vein who were treated with a proprietary formulation of cyanoacrylate adhesive (known as superglue), 100% deomonstrated complete closure of the vein immediately and at the 48-hour follow-up, as measured using duplex ultrasound and clinical examination; after 1 year, 92% maintained complete closure, said Dr. Proebstle of Hirschberg, Germany.” 

Additionally a report, written by Bruce Jancin, in the December 1, 2011 of Skin & Allergy News  found that “Applying a fast-drying cyanoacrylate glue to the proximal nail fold once or twice weekly is an inexpensive and effective treatment for the habit-tic condition of onychotillomania … often categorized as a compulsive psychiatric disorder … The likely mechanisms of benefit from the cyanoacrylate glue, such as Super Glue or Krazy Glue, are twofold:  the built-up layer of glue creates a physical barrier that helps protect the proximal nail fold against the patient’s mindless repetitive picking, and, at the same time, the artificial layer promotes self-awareness of the tic habit, said Dr. Blatiere, a dermatologist at the University of Montpellier (France).” 

This amazing health news comes as no surprise to the makers of super glue at Super Glue Corporation.   Cyanoacrylates, commonly referred to as Super Glues or CAs, have been used for decades in a wide range of industries.  Dr. Harry Coover serendipitously discovered the original product in a government research assignment to find a better way to cast gun sights.  He discarded the product for that purpose because it was too sticky to be practical.  Six years later he went back to the product he had developed knowing that he had discovered a new class of adhesives.  According to Dr. Coover, “it is probably the best single material that has more uses than any other material we have.”  Check out this video

One of the first uses of cyanoacrylates was for wound closure during the Vietnam War.  It is a very “potent hemostatic agent” according to Dr. Coover and was initailly used extensively to topically stop bleeding.  Since that time it has been used in conjunction with deep stitches in a wide range of surgical procedures.  Additionally, cyanoacrylates are used topically by hikers, musicians, athletes and others, providing relief from pain, and protection from infection and fungus, on blisters, calluses,a and paper cuts.  Cyanoacrylates have been used in the cosmetic nail industry for years in a variety of ways including nail tip application, nail repair, silk wraps, acrylics and powder applications.  Most recently, cyanoacrylates are being used in conjunction with a color gel to produce a glossy smooth finish that dries in minutes.  Studies have shown that topical use of cyanoacrylates is safe although the product should not be used near lips, mouth, or skin exposed to hair or body fluids.

We know that eventually cyanoacrylates will break down with extended exposure to water or alcohol, but consumers have sent us eyewitness testimony that our cyanoacrylates have held their dental caps on for years.  Coral fraggers have told us about their success in using our super glue products to propagate coral underwater for long periods of time, so while we know the product breaks down with exposure to water it seems to hold for a reasonable length of time.

We are proud to be associated with this truly exceptional, safe, effective, multi-use product and were happy to be in attendance when Dr. Harry Coover was presented with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for discovering it!

Allandale Mansion Dr. Harry Coover Memorial

May 23rd, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  The Rogersville Review]

Dr. Harry Coover, inventor of super glue, passed away earlier this year.   A memorial service was held for Dr. Coover on May 14th at Allandale Mansion, in Kingsport, Tennessee, and was followed by a groundbreaking ceremony for a new performing arts amphitheater (plans shown here).

Super Glue Corporation executives were honored to attend the National Medal of Technology and Innovation gala with Dr. Coover and his family in November, 2010.  We wanted to pass along this important information to all of our readers and the many Do It Yourselfers (DIYers) and hobbyists who love super glue and have depended on its strong bonding qualities to accomplish their work for many decades.  We hope you will take the time to make a donation to Dr. Coover’s charity of choice – Allandale Mansion  Preservation Trust.

According to the Allandale Mansion website:

“Most recently, Dr. Harry Coover and his family donated the “Heron Dome” in memory of his deceased wife, Mrs. Muriel Zumbach Coover. The “Dome” features a bronze heron sculpture in a shallow pool, surrounded by benches, landscaping, and lighting to make the structure suitable for evening events [such as weddings, parties, and social gatherings and a quiet spot for reflection].”

According to The Rogersville Review Dr. Coover was a founding benefactor of the mansion and participated in the vision for the new amphitheater:

“Members of the Friends of Allandale all agreed that the project will offer a premier outdoor entertainment venue for the region, and the groundbreaking represents a dream by the project’s late benefactor Dr. Harry W. Coover.  Prior to the groundbreaking, a brief memorial service was held in his honor.  
Coover, the inventor of Super Glue and retired vice president of Eastman Chemical Company, was a long time supporter of projects to improve Allandale Mansion until his death on March 26 at age 94.
In the early planning stages of the Amphitheater project Coover, who also received the 2010 National Medal of Technology and Innovation, once said, “The citizens of Greater Kingsport deserve a beautiful gathering place. The natural landscape of historic Allandale provides the perfect setting to harbor all kinds of performing arts.”
Remembering Dr. Coover’s wishes,  President of the FOA Teresa Estepp said, “It is very befitting that the Friends of Allandale can officially break ground on this special project in conjunction with the day that we are remembering our founding benefactor, Dr. Coover.  It was Dr. Coover’s wish to provide the citizens of this region with a venue to enjoy the performing arts on the grounds of the city’s historic mansion.”

Dr. Coover’s family has asked that memorials in his honor be sent to Allandale Mansion Preservation Trust – 4444 West Stone Drive – Kingsport, TN 37660.

Celebrating Serendipity!

January 6th, 2011
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 [Photo Credit:  YouTube NationalMedals]

This is the video, about Dr. Harry S. Coover’s discovery of super glue, that was shown at the National Science and Technology Medals Foundation Gala November 2010, in Washington D.C.  It was amazing how many of the medal winners cited serendipity as playing a large role in their discovery.  We think humility must play a role as well or as Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favours the prepared mind.”


Check out this interesting article about super glue inventor, Dr. Harry S. Coover, “One Day of Serendipity-A Lifetime of Achievement“, by Dr. Dave Dunn (January 2011 Adhesives and Sealants Industry magazine).

[Chief Blogger’s Note:  Oh .. and yes, as Dr. Dave states in the article, Super Glue Corporation’s representatives were in attendance, with Dr. Coover, at the November 2010 gala (see pic left) to help celebrate his accomplishment(s)! … No humility here 😉 ]

[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation]

Dr. Dave Visits Super Glue Corporation Headquarters

January 3rd, 2011
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Recently, Super Glue Corporation’s management team spent an afternoon with noted adhesives expert, Dr. Dave Dunn.  An author of several books, and many articles and patents, Dr. Dave is a consultant in the adhesives industry and writes the Ask Dr. Dave column for the Adhesives and Sealants Industry magazine.   His presentation included an historical overview of Super Glue Innovation.

Dr. Dave’s specialty is cyanoacrylates (super glue) and his career includes an association with Dr. Harry Coover, the inventor of Super Glue, who was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by President Obama in November 2010.

Highlights from Dr. Dave’s presentation to the Super Glue Corporation team include the following:

– Dr. Coover actually discovered Super Glue twice.  First in the 1940’s while developing an optically clear plastic for making precision gun sights for the war efforts (Dr. Coover said, “Cyanoacrylates worked great in reproducing the mold for the gunsights.  The problem was everything I was working with stuck to everything else.  It was just a big pain.”) and the second time in the early 1950’s while developing new acrylic polymers for jet aircraft canopies.   Dr. Coover said, “Serendipity had given me a second chance – what we had was a new super glue.  I went and got the material and started sticking everything in the laboratory together!”

– 1951 Adhesive Properties were discovered.

– 1958 First Industrial Cyanoacrylate Adhesive manufactured

– 1973 First Cyanoacrylate Adhesive for consumers manufactured

– 1986 Gel formulations of Cyanoacrylates introduced to consumer market

– 1988 Surface Insensitive Super Glues introduced to consumer market

– 1990’s FDA approval and introduction of cyanoacrylates into medical, veterinary and dental markets

– 2004 Dr. Harry Coover inducted into National Invention Hall of Fame for his invention of super glue

– 2010 Dr. Harry Coover awarded the National Medal for Technology and Innovation for his invention of super glue

–  Today cyanoacrylate (super glue) adhesives is a $1 Billion + (retail prices) industry worldwide

– Check out this great video of Dr. Coover presenting his technology on Gary Moore’s “I’ve Got A Secret” television show decades ago!

It was a great day of celebration for the invention of Super Glue.  We appreciate history and our heritage and thank Dr. Dave for his terrific presentation!

sgcakephoto1-e1294082393155-225x300We wish we could have shared a bite of this delicious cake with all of our readers!  But as a special treat we will send you a sample of our super glue if you send us your address with the keyword “celebration sample” typed in the email.  Supplies are limited.  Offer ends January 31, 2011.

Dr. Harry Coover, Inventor of Super Glue, Recognized by President Obama

November 18th, 2010
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HarryWCoover-300x199[Photo Credit:  Ryan K Morris Photography and the National Science & Technology Medals Foundation]

Dr. Harry Coover was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in a ceremony at the White House Wednesday, November 17th for his invention of “cyanoacrylates – novel adhesives known widely to consumers as ‘super glues’ – which today play significant roles in medicine and industry.

Super Glue Corporation representatives were pleased to join Dr. Coover’s family members and Eastman Chemical Company colleagues at a gala honoring the 2009 Laureates on Tuesday evening, November 16th, in Washington DC.  A plaque from all of Super Glue Corporation’s employees was presented to Dr. Coover in a private meeting with him prior to the White House ceremony.

At 93 years of age, Dr. Coover is still sharp as a tack and remains engaged through media and the internet actively following a broad spectrum of  interests including the economy, science and technology innovation, politics and government.  Super Glue Corporation representatives were pleased to have the opportunity to visit with Dr. Coover about a wide range of topics.  With 460 patents to his name and over 60 publications, Dr. Coover’s candid statements are very insightful.  We are honored to be associated with this preeminent scientist and congratulate him on receiving the United States government’s  “highest honor for technological achievement bestowed on American innovators by the President of the United States.”

The November 16th Gala literature states about the program,   “It recognizes those who have made lasting contributions to America’s competitiveness, standard of living, and quality of life through technological innovation, and to recognize those who have made substantial contributions to strengthening the Nation’s technological workforce.  The Medal also seeks to inspire future generations of Americans to prepare for and pursue tehnical careers to keep America at the forefront of global technology and economic leadership.”

Congratulations, Dr. Harry Coover, from all of your fans at Super Glue Corporation!

What do Harry Coover, I’ve Got A Secret & Super Glue have in common?

June 8th, 2010
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harry coover

[Image Credit:  Lemelson-MIT Program “Inventor of the Week“]

CLUE:  180px-Super_Glue_tube

Harry Coover is known as the “inventor” of Super Glue!  Here’s a link to an interesting article about Super Glue, Dr. Harry Coover, and the history of the hanging car.  You can also learn more about Super Glue’s history by scrolling down to the bottom of the page on this link.