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How-To Super Glue A Cut

January 2nd, 2014
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Using super glue to “stitch” external paper cuts, blisters, calluses and even knife blade wounds is something our readers and customers tell us about all the time.  Here’s a great “How-To Video” from a Super Glue Fan!

[Video Credit:  The Late Boy Scout on You Tube]

Boxers: Keep Super Glue In Your Corner At All Times!

September 26th, 2012
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[Photo Credit:  Wikipedia]

Ezzard Charles aka “The Cincinnati Cobra”, one of the top ten heavyweight boxers of all time, was one intense boxer.  In 1949, he won the World Heavyweight title after defeating Jersey Joe Walcott in 15 rounds according to Wikipedia.  Prior to that big win, Ezzard Charles, knocked out a young boxer, Sam Baroudi, with a blow that ended in death.  Charles was so distraught by what he’d done that he almost gave up boxing, but he ended up moving from a lightweight boxer to a heavyweight boxer and sticking with the sport.

Charles went on to fight, and beat, many of the legendary boxers of his time.  He was the first boxer to go all 15 rounds against Heavyweight Champion, Rocky Marciano according to Wikipedia.  It is in the rematch of this fight, June 1954, when the super glue portion of this story kicks in! 

According to a Listverse Travel and Leisure article:  “The second made fight of the year, when it climaxed with Charles cutting Marciano’s nose so badly that his corner stuffed it with super glue to stop the bleeding. He could have peeled his nose in half off his face. Marciano, however, rallied to knock Charles out, because he was in danger of losing due to the blood.”

Wow, that was some fight!  Guess it was smart of those guys in Marciano’s corner to have that super glue handy!