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10 Fun Facts About Super Glue

May 17th, 2010
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Super Glue Tube 11:      Super Glue bonds instantly, but remains tacky until it actually makes the connection between two substrates/surfaces.

#1 Note:  This is why destructive pranksters have been able to apply super glue to a toilet seat, leave, and later find someone stuck to the toilet seat.  If you apply super glue to only one surface the product will not bond until another surface is joined with the glue. 

2:      Super Glue can be removed with acetone (fingernail polish remover).

#2 Note:  Acetone removes lots of things though so always pretest before applying to fine surfaces (like wood dining room tables) or you may end up removing more than just the super glue.

3:      Several drops of super glue will hold a two ton truck in the air.

#3 Note:  Doubt this?  Check it out!

4.      Super Glue lasts longest when stored upright in dry, cool conditions like a refrigerator.

5.      Super Glue has amazing tensile strength.

#5 Note:  This is why if your fingers ever get stuck together with super glue, it is best to roll or slowly peel your fingers apart rather than pulling them apart!

6.      Super Glue is listed as one of the top inventions of the 20th century.

#6 Note:  That’s right, it’s right up there with television remote controls and microwave ovens – handy stuff!

7.     Super Glue tubes and bottles work best after opening when caps are cleaned off with acetone prior to resealing.

8.     Super Glue was initially discovered in 1942 in a search for materials to make gunsights for the war.

#8 Note:  The problem was that super glue stuck to everything so its development was set aside until the early 1950’s when it began to gain popularity commercially.

9.      Super Glue’s maximum strength can be achieved when bonding metal to metal.

10.     The Original Super Glue(R) logo comes from an actual radio show contest that proved super glue was strong enough to hold a hanging car.

Note #10:  Historical Lift car[Acknowledge Dr. Dave Dunn via Super Glue Corporation]