Leather and Wood Super Glue: Repairs and Projects

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Do you happen to have any old pieces of furniture or old leather bags lying around the house that you want to repair or repurpose? Just because something is old and well-worn doesn’t mean that you need to throw it out.
With the use of Leather and Wood Super Glue, you can fix up those old pieces that you once loved or repurpose them in a fun art project. Leather and Wood Super Glue has the strength and versatility to help you finish the perfect project.

What can Leather and Wood Super Glue do for You?

Leather and Wood Super Glue has a special formula designed specifically to help you repair some of your favorite things or repurpose old things that you want to give new meaning to. This type of adhesive is perfect for working on chairs, tables, leather seat cushions, shoes, handbags, brief-cases, saddles, and any other items made of leather or wood. Leather and Wood Super Glue is a quick-setting adhesive that bonds super strong with no clamps and dries clear.

For best results, the surface that you are gluing should be clean and dry. Leather and Wood Super Glue shouldn’t be used on Teflon, polyethylene, polypropylene, certain silicone rubber types, glass, or parts that are subjected to shock or continuous water immersion. Store your Leather and Wood Super Glue in a cool area away from sunlight or heat sources, and it will have a shelf life of one year.


Leather and Wood Super Glue can be used to repair many things, from old pieces of furniture to shoes, from a combination of leather and wood projects to projects that are purely wood or leather.

Wood Repairs

Leather and Wood Super Glue can be used to stabilize rotting wood or to fill old nail holes. This trick requires mixing Super Glue with sawdust (specifically sawdust that matches the type of wood you’re repairing) until the hole or space is filled. Once the mixture has set, you can remove excess with sandpaper.

Leather and Wood Super Glue can also be used to repair minor damage to furniture joints and other wood surfaces. To use Leather and Wood Super Glue to repair damaged furniture, you should place the furniture on a flat surface and add a light coat of glue to each joint or crack. Leather and Wood Glue requires no clamping and dries almost instantly.

Leather Repairs

Leather and Wood Super Glue can be used to repair cuts or other damage to leather and wood products. To repair cuts in a leather surface, you must first clean the leather and allow it to completely dry before applying the glue with a toothpick or applicable tool. When applying the glue, make sure to pinch the cut together. You will also need to press the cut area down to release any excess glue before the area completely dries.

Leather and Wood Super Glue can also be used to repair burns or large holes in a leather surface. First you will have to remove as much of the burned portion as you can with an abrasive cloth or sandpaper, being careful not to damage any other areas of the leather surface. Once you’ve done this and thoroughly cleaned the surrounding area, you will need to cut a piece of replacement leather that fits over the damaged area. Apply glue to the back of the replacement and on the affected area with a small paintbrush, then place the replacement leather on top of the damaged area. Use a clean rag to wipe away any excess glue.

DIY Wood Projects

Leather and Wood Super Glue can be used on a wide variety of wooden projects that can be either simple or extravagant.

Some do-it-yourself wood projects include:

  • Jewelry boards
  • Wooden mirrors
  • Tree branch tables
  • Wooden aisle runners
  • Wooden bracelets
  • Cube pendant lights
  • Wood pencil blocks
  • Wooden photo frames
  • Headboards

DIY Leather Projects

Just like the wide variety of wood projects, you can also use Leather and Wood Super Glue on a number of leather projects.

Some do it yourself leather projects include:

  • Woven leather stools
  • Sculptural leather plant hangers
  • Desk organizers
  • Countertop wine racks
  • Magazine or mail racks
  • Leather cup jackets
  • Curtain tiebacks
  • Leather furniture upholstery

No matter the repairs or the project, chances are Super Glue has a product suited to your needs. Check out our Products page to see what we have on offer.


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