Super Glue Projects to Improve Your Office Space

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Everyone goes through bad days at work, where they have trouble concentrating and have a hard time getting things done. But if you have noticed that it has become a chronic problem, it could be a sign that your desk is too cluttered and in need of organization. With a few supplies you have around the house and a little help from Super Glue products, you can add some character and practicality to your office space.

Organize Your Wires

For some people, wires are a huge problem, and it’s no wonder why. A typical desk for many office jobs could include quite a few electronics, including a desktop, a printer, a phone, a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone. Each one of those things is going to need an outlet as a permanent power source, or a charge from time to time. Add it all up, and you’re going to have a huge mess of wires cluttering your desk.

Superglue has a great solution: Super Klips. These self-adhesive clips can be used on just about any surface to keep your wires from going all over the place, and make it easier for you to distinguish your wires from each other. No more picking through a huge bundle of wires, or pushing a stubborn wire out of your way in the middle of an important project. Attach them to your desktop, and you’ll never have to pick them off the ground again.

Make Your Surge Protector Accessible

With all those electronics, you’re going to need a surge protector to plug them all in. But unfortunately, surge protectors are rarely found in a convenient place. For most people, they are tucked away in the far corner under their desk, meaning that they have to get down on their hands and knees to get to it.

Why put yourself through that trouble again? Simply attach a couple of Super Glue’s Super Klips to the bottom of your desk or the side of your cubicle, and then hang a kitchen basket on them. Your surge protector will be within arm’s reach at all times.

These clips will also be very handy for hanging your headphones when you’re not using them.

Organize Your Pens and Clips

Chances are that you already have a cup or something similar to hold all of your pens, highlighters, clips, and other supplies. Or, you might have a divider in your desk where many of your supplies are held. If you are like most people, though, your things have likely fallen into disarray, and the organization plan you once had has fallen through.

Bring order back to your supplies with a mason jar (or can) organizer. By stocking up on a few mason jars or old cans and gluing them together with the appropriate adhesive (like Glass Adhesive), your pens will be easily accessible and simple to separate. Best of all, this project is extremely versatile: you can use as many or as few jars or cans as you like, depending on the amount of space you have.

Office Solutions for Anyone

You go through a lot of stress as it is: don’t make things worse with a messy desk. We showed you a number of affordable Super Glue products that will make your job so much easier. With so many simple ways to tidy up your desk, you shouldn’t wonder if you should reorganize your desk, but when.


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