Medical Grade Super Glue Helps Girl Walk Without Pain

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Medical-Grade Super Glue Enables Girl to Walk Pain-Free

Super Glue has many incredible everyday uses but an article published in March highlights one of the life changing uses Super Glue can have in people’s lives. Medical-Grade Super Glue was used to help Madison Fairchild walk without pain for the first time in years.

Madison had a mass of tangled veins in her calf that caused immense pain when she walked, stood or ran. After trying more traditional treatments that either didn’t work or made the issue worse, Dr. Jonathan Perkins (a pediatric otolaryngology physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital) performed an experimental treatment in which Medical-Grade Super Glue was injected into the veins so that they can be removed surgically. The glue made the veins rigid, which allowed the surgeon to go in and remove them without hurting the surrounding tissue.

“Four days later, she’s walking,” said Kristen Fairchild,  Madison’s mother. “She’s a totally different child. Her outlook is more positive.”

Read the full article here.

(Note: This procedure was performed by a surgeon using Medical Grade Super Glue. SuperGlueCorp. strongly suggests that you keep all Super Glue products out of the reach of children. Please follow safety protocol with all Super Glue products.)


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