Your Best Super Glue Sports Fixes

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Sports and various athletic activities play an integral part in the lives of millions of people. Not only can they provide benefits when it comes to aspects of health, but they also have the capacity to offer an enormous amount of fun. However, let’s be honest, what’s not so fun is when these activities leave your gear in need of repair or a quick fix. Such circumstances are all a part of life, but thankfully sticky situations are what Super Glue Brand Products do best. Here’s a look at how these fast bonding adhesives can put wear-and-tear on the bench, and keep you in the game.

Ready, Set, Repair!

Tennis, Anyone? Return after return, tennis racquets can take a bit of a beating. But a loose grip doesn’t have to result in a sudden end to this “love” story. Replacing a worn grip with a new one is quickly and easily done by applying a small amount of Bondini Glue.  Its ability to provide a strong bond even through dirt and grease makes it an excellent adhesive to choose for this type of racquet repair, as well as mending fishing gear and other sports equipment fixes.

Another great fix for the grip on your tennis racket, golf clubs or racquet ball smasher is E-Z Fuse Tape. In fact, this versatile tape can be used on anything that needs a better grip. So if you find your hands slipping and sliding, wrap a bit of this around your handle and swing away in confidence.

Aces for Laces Skateboarders also commonly apply Super Glue to their shoelaces in order to protect them from busting or falling apart so easily when doing tricks.

Rope it Together To prevent those who sail, CrossFit, or exercise from being at the end of their ropes, Super Glue can come in handy for various rope fixes. Sailors can use it to repair fraying rope ends. And by applying some of the adhesive to a boxer’s or CrossFitter’s speed rope, it can altogether keep the rope well, all together.

Be a Sport, Share Your Story

From the dirt-defying powers of Bondini, to the high performance properties of The Original Super Glue, these powerful adhesives know how to hit a homerun when sports repairs throw a curve ball. If you, too, have used them for a sport fix or know of a unique repair that should make this list, please share it with us on our Facebook page!



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