Rustic Holiday Tree Topper Craft

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Christmastime is swiftly approaching and will probably be here before you can say Old Saint Nick. All the hustle and bustle of the holiday is soon to be in full swing with loads of shopping, celebrating and decorating going on. For many people, the decorating aspect plays a major part of the merriness of the season, and it’s often even more fun when an element of creative crafting is added to the mix. If you’re looking to do a bit of DIY this year, here’s a simple tree topper craft that, with some help from Bondini Everything Gel, can spruce up your Christmas tree with a cute country flair.

What You Will Need

The rustic décor trend is still in style and going strong. Mason jars are being used in unique and surprising ways, and nature-inspired designs are beautifying many a shelf, mantel or dining room table. This rustic holiday tree topper falls right in line. Here’s what you’ll need to complete the craft:

  • Several long sticks
  • Jute twine
  • Chicken wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Bondini Everything Gel
  • Heavy duty scissors or small garden shears
  • Artificial holly or poinsettias (optional)
  • Strands of lace (optional)

Steps To Making the Star Tree Topper

Creating your rustic tree topper first involves gathering sticks/branches from your yard or the outdoors. Look for sticks that are similar in terms of thickness. Once you’ve collected several, cut them into 10 pieces of the same length using smaller garden sheers or heavy duty scissors. For a good sized star, they should all be about 5 inches long. For an even larger tree topper, make them all 6 inches long.

After all the sticks have been cut, plan out a star, creating 5 outward points. When you are ready to glue, apply some Bondini Everything Gel and adhere the points one by one. This adhesive is ideal for dealing with materials from nature because it works well on dirty surfaces. It’s also able to fill in the gaps in between the sticks.

Once all 5 points have been glued and the gel has dried, use the adhesive to connect the remaining inward points and the shape of the star should all come together. Next, take the twine and wrap it around each connecting point several times.

After the star frame is ready, you’ll need to cut the chicken wire. This should be done with care, as the wire is sharp when cut. It can also be a bit tricky to cut the wire in the star shape. Trace the outline of the star onto the chicken wire, cut it out, and then adhere the shape to the star frame. Then trim the excess edges of the wire. Once that’s finished, your rustic tree topper is ready to adorn your tree with all its simplistic beauty.

Hint: If the topper is a bit too simple for your taste, go ahead and add a splash of festive fauna by attaching artificial poinsettias or holly sprigs in the chicken wire, or weave strands of white or ivory lace through the wire holes for a shabby chic touch.

What’s Your Christmas Craft Story?

Did you also use Bondini Everything Gel or another Super Glue product to create a one-of-a-kind holiday craft? Share the details of your creation on our Facebook page. We’d be “merry” happy to hear from you!








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