Super Sticky Saves with Super Glue

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Fitting conveniently in drawers, tool chests and glove compartments all across the nation, Super Glue is the extra handy adhesive that’s small in size, but mighty in strength. Not only is it more than able to assist in numerous types of repairs and craft projects, but it can swiftly save the day when you’re in desperate need of a quick fix. Does it sound like this glue should be wearing a red cape? Well, it could, but it really doesn’t need one. With “super” already in its name, it adds the hero part by coming to the rescue with life’s little emergencies. Just take a look at these ones.

Examples of Sticky Saves

Fixing Footwear – Shoes experience a lot of wear and tear. Damage can occur at some of the worst possible moments, such as right before an important business meeting, in the middle of a wilderness hike or during a big date. Super Glue can step up to the repair rescue by applying a small amount to a loose or broken heel, applying pressure, and giving it a few minutes to set. You can also use the adhesive to reattach a sole or to quickly fix a separated toe on a sneaker. Some skateboarders even apply the glue to their shoelaces to keep them from fraying.

Mending Outdoor Dilemmas – Super Glue can also be a go-to repair tool when you’re out and about and on the go. When fishing, a damaged rod can often come in between a day of leisure or a meal. Using a small amount of the quick-bonding adhesive on a loose handle or reel can get your gear, well, back in gear.

For those who cycle to get around town or just for fun and exercise, the sight of a flat tire is a never a good one. Of course, this can seem especially true when you’re in a hurry. Repairing a bike tube without a patch is a quick way to get you back on the road again. After inflating the tube to locate the leak, apply a small amount of Super Glue Gel to a toothpick or tiny stick. Put the tip of the stick in the bicycle tube, and then let the air out. Next, quickly remove the stick. After a few minutes, pump up the tube again to check and make sure that the leak was repaired.


Did Super Glue Save the Day for You?

These are just a few ways our fast-acting adhesive can aid in the predicaments of life. We’d love to hear how it also helped you in a repair rescue, so please share all of the sticky situation details on Super Glue’s Facebook page!



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