Super Glue Helps Instrument Repair

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It can certainly be said that Super Glue’s resumé is getting pretty hefty these days. Along with its countless household and office applications, the adhesive never ceases to amaze by adding another surprising use into the mix. One of its more unique applications is that it can be used to make repairs on instruments, such as bass and acoustic guitars.


As musicians know all too well, instruments can experience a lot of wear and tear from continuous playing and handling, and the occasional bump or blunder. Using Super Glue for simple fixes can be a cheap and effective way to quickly get your guitar back in gear.


A Quick Fix Remix


Cyanoacrylate glue can be used for numerous types of repairs when it comes to guitars, from filling in a minor crack on the fretboard, to adhering a loose inlay. In each and every situation, protective clothing should be worn and the working area should be well-ventilated.


Additionally, since the adhesive forms a strong bond almost instantly, fixing something in a jiffy can be easily done. However, this also means that you’ll need to work fast, and with care and precision.


Recipe For Repair


One great way to fix minor guitar problems is by mixing Super Glue with baking soda to repair a broken nut. For those who don’t already know, the nut is the thin strip of bone or another material, that dictates the spacing of the strings. When a string keeps popping out of the guitar nut, it is possibly due to the nut being worn down.


To remedy this, remove the string and use a file and a little acetone on a Q-tip to clean the groove. Next, put some baking soda in the nut groove and then add a small amount of Super Glue. This should harden quickly, and then can be refiled to hold the string.


If an entirely new nut needs to be installed, the good news is that this adhesive can help for this particular project as well. By applying just one or two small drops of the glue to the back of the nut, you can securely adhere it into the slot. However, because Super Glue is strong and powerful stuff, avoid putting too much onto the nut, as this can make removal/replacement of the piece troublesome in the future.


Additional Repairs That Can Be Done With Super Glue:


  • Installing frets
  • Binding installation
  • Finishing the neck

For another great instrument repair tip, check out how Z-Poxy can be used to refinish a guitar.

Music To The Ears

It really is quite astounding how many diverse uses one adhesive can have. Helping guitarists make quick and cost-effective repairs to their beloved instruments is like music to our ears. If Super Glue has helped you fix your guitar or if you know of another exciting application, please share all of the details on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!


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