How to Make Nearly Invisible Art Repairs With Super Glue Gel

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Restore your precious art pieces with the strongest bonding glue.

[Image Source: Andreas Praefcke]

Art is all around us, much more than we realize. It can be found in the forms of delicate figurines, colorful pottery, and cherished family heirlooms. These decorative pieces of art have a way of beautifying a home and at times wind up in pieces. A broken work of art does not always have to end with tossing it in the garbage. Super Glue Gel can be an effective tool to use for patching up your favorite masterpieces.

Materials This Gel Bonds With

Compared to liquid Super Glue, the gel’s consistency is thicker and it does not drip or run allowing you more precision. It works well on porous surfaces such as leather and other artwork such as:

• Ceramic
• China/Porcelain
• Metal
• Pottery
• Soft & Hard Wood

Hints & Steps to a Near Invisible Repair

The road to a successful art repair should begin with some careful preparation. Start by making sure your pieces are clean and dry and that you are working on a protected surface (aluminum foil works well).
Next, plan out your repair project by ensuring all of the pieces fit together. While the thickness of the gel will work well for filling in gaps, it won’t do much good if the wrong pieces are stuck together.


Keep in mind that unless you are a restoration expert, the repair may not be completely invisible. However, don’t be discouraged. Super Glue Gel is applied without color, so there should not be a significant difference after it cures. Just remember that putting the pieces together as precisely and evenly as possible, is a major part of achieving a successful, near invisible repair.


Once you are ready to begin gluing, open the tube away from your face and then complete the following steps:

1. Apply 1 drop of gel per inch to one surface
2. Connect the pieces together and apply some pressure for about 15-30 seconds
3. Full strength should be achieved in 24 hours
4. Voila, you can go back to displaying your beautiful artwork, in one piece.

Share Your Art Restoration or Tell Us Your Tale About the Gel

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