Super Glue’s DIY Valentine’s Day Cards for Students!

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Valentine's day cards for kids

This Valentine’s Day be the roaring mom with these amazingly easy and adorable Valentine’s Day cards for your children to exchange at school. Using Super Glue’s foam mounting dots you can easily create these cute Valentine’s Day cards in no time at all.

What You Need:

·         Super Glue’s Front Porch Treasures Foam Mounting Dots

·         Construction Paper – Red or various of colors

·         Chocolates – Individually wrapped

·         Googly eyes

Step 1:  Create Your Dinosaur

To start, cut out a Stegosaurus shape dinosaur out of your construction paper, you can create different cards using different dinosaurs or use the same dinosaur for all of your cards. After cutting out your dinosaurs you can use Super Glue’s mounting dots to attach the dinosaur to your card. You can also use your mounting dots to glue googly eyes on to the dinosaurs.

Step 2:  You’re Dino-Mite!

For your quote, you can write it directly on the card or simply print it out and tape it to your card. Here are a few quotes you can use to make each card a little different:

·         “Thanks for being my FRIEND-Osaurus”

·         “Have a DYNO-mite Valentine’s Day”

·         “I think you are DYNO-mite!”

·         “You make my heart SAUR”

Step 3: Mount on Chocolates with our Mounting Dots!

Now comes the fun part! Take your foam mounting dots and place it on the back of each individually wrapped chocolate and place them on your dinosaur to create a Stegosaurus The strong adhesive is double sided so you can simply paste it to the chocolate and then on to your card and the kids who receive them will be able to take the chocolate off easily!

Share your DIY Valentine’s Day cards for students on our Facebook page; we would love to see how you incorporate our Foam Mounting Dots!



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