How to Super Glue Yourself to Your New Year’s Resolution

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At the end of 2014, we all came up with our New Year’s resolutions but now halfway through January, how many of us are at the brink of quitting? Your team at Super Glue team is here to offer a few tips to help you super glue yourself to your 2015 New Year’s resolution!

Be Realistic

When creating your goal remain positive and realistic and know that it is completely reasonable to readjust your goal. Many times, we decide to cut out soda from our diet instantly, and then find ourselves failing 2 weeks later. Cutting something out completely may be too extreme, focus on cutting back, only allow yourself soda once every two weeks; this will be something more manageable and it will allow you to give in once in a while without completely abandoning your goal.

Create Mini Goals

Another great way for you to super glue yourself to your resolution is by creating mini goals within your goal. If your resolution is to lose 50 pounds, it may seem daunting and too difficult to tackle. Try setting up short goals on how to reach your weight loss goal. For example, by the end of April, your goal should be to lose 12.5 lbs, and by August you have another 12.5 to go. Using short term goals will give you more of a push and it will help you stick to your resolution!

Buddy System Never Fails

Keeping your New Year’s resolution is directly connected to the positive influences you surround yourself with; it is tough to go at it alone. Find a buddy who has a similar goal as you and you can both work on this goal together. And if you’re not able to find that buddy, surround yourself with positive influences. If your goal is to quit smoking, surround yourself with friends and family that will encourage and support your decision and stay away from those who cause you to break.

Create a Strong Bond with Your Resolution

Don’t quit on your New Year’s Resolution just yet, your team at Super Glue is here to support you and help you make 2015 the best year yet! Share your New Year’s resolution with us and what you are doing to accomplish it on our Facebook page.



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