Egg Carton Train – Crafts for Kids!

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Egg carton train Embark on an epic journey with your kids on this easy and fun DIY train project! Your kids will be able to create their own trains and their own toys. It is simple for them to put together using Front Porch Treasures Pre-Cut Tape!

What You Will Need:

  • Egg Carton
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Paint
  • Toilet Roll
  • Cotton
  • Paper
  • Front Porch Treasures Pre-Cut Tape

Step 1: Cut Your Pieces

You might have to pre-cut all the parts to make it easier, you can start by cutting out multiple small circles on construction paper for the wheels. Then cut out your egg carton, you can use three egg slots or two for the train cart, you can make the trains as long as you wish. Make sure to cut out one egg slot for the top of your train.

Step 2: Paint Your Pieces

Choose your paint colors; I used red and green for mine. Have the kids paint their train parts and set them aside to dry. The length of time will depend on the type of paint used, but for craft paint it usually takes about an hour.

Step 3: Connect Your Train

Once your parts have dried, it is time to connect your train! Using a hole puncher, scissors or anything you have on hand, create a hole into the egg carton and at the end of your toilet paper roll. After, take your pipe cleaner and cut it down to your desired length and then insert it into both holes and twist to tighten.

Step 4: Add Details

Using your pre-cut foam mounting tape, you can attach all the final details to your train. The double-sided tape is easy for the kids to use. Add a piece to the back of your wheels and to the single egg slot and place them onto your train.

To create the funnel for your cotton, cut a small circle out and create a slit to the middle and then pull it into a cone shape and tape it in place. Then add in your cotton for a smoke effect and you have an adorable train!

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