Super Glue Saves Jack’ O Lanterns

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Brace yourselves, the great pumpkin wars are upon us. We know there is never a better time than now to let your imagination run wild. But sometimes our creativity and ideas get the best of us, so when you run into pumpkin carving mishaps and realize that you cut one piece too many, “Who are you going to call?” Well you can’t call The Ghostbusters, they are already fighting their own battles with ghosts and ghouls, so call Super Glue.


Some people have found that Super Glue is their best option to help solve pumpkin problems. These brave ghouls and ghosts don’t let a small hiccup stand in their way of achieving perfection, and starting over is not an option, especially when you are creating a Death Star masterpiece, like the one above. While carving the Death Star’s center vein the carver accidently cut too deep and the pumpkin split in half! The pumpkin carver’s solution? SUPER GLUE of course!


No matter what design you choose for your pumpkin this season, you may find Super Glue is a useful tool to help you decorate. We are always enthused to hear about useful craftsmanship that came with using our products. Tell us how you used Super Glue to help you solve your misfortunate problems on our Facebook page:


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