See Z-7 Debonder in Action

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In the video above, we see Z-7 Debonder working in real time to break the tough bond that Super Glue provides. Although this video was uploaded five years ago, it still provides some handy tips for hobbyists around the world (and the tip is use Z-7 Debonder to disassemble Super Glued models). Impressively, this hobbyist is able to take apart a small plastic figurine in less than two minutes using our Debonder, even though the glued parts of the model had somewhat deep joints (for a miniature).

As the video notes, Debonder is ideal for these types of jobs. However, it can damage some plastics, so be sure to test it first. It is also perfectly safe to use on skin, just in case you accidentally glue your fingers together while working on your models. The thickened formula of Debonder means it won’t run easily on surfaces, allowing you to apply it just where you need it. As demonstrated in the video, you can sand or file away the excess adhesive once the bond has been broken. On skin, just use your fingernail to pull up the residual Super Glue once the Debonder has done its job.


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