Super Glue for Gardening: Tree Grafting Made Easy

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Super Glue Gardening

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We recently came across this DIY gardening article about grafting a Bartlett pear onto a Keiffer pear tree, and it turns out they had great success using Super Glue to do so. And while we aren’t gardening experts by any stretch, the results shown above seem to speak for themselves. Judging by the picture and the information in the article, it seems like the grafted portioned of the pear tree was able to thrive following this simple procedure.

According to the article, the gardener started by cutting the branches at complementary angles so that they could be joined together. Then, he placed a dab of Super Glue on the surface to be joined together (not so much that it would spill out the sides when pushed together, he adds). We would suggest using our Leather & Wood Super Glue, as it creates the best wood bond. According to the article, the glue held well enough that it didn’t slip or move as he wrapped the area in paper medical tape and painted over it with tree wound dressing.

It’s good to know that Super Glue can be used to hold a tree graft together and still allow the plant to thrive. If any of you gardeners out there have used Super Glue in your gardens, we’d love to hear from you. Good luck with your growing adventures!


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