What Can You Do With 1,000 Packages of HandiTAK?

November 18, 2013 by Leave a reply »
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Back in 2006, a customer sent us this picture of her bedroom with the following note:

“I have thousands of magazine cutouts and posters covering every inch of space on my bedroom walls, blinds, closets, drawers, and shelves that are all held up with poster tac. Two years ago, The National Examiner did a story on my room and a small picture of it can be seen here. I am currently moving out of my parent’s house and moving into my own apartment and will be doing the same thing with my new bedroom and although it will take a lot of effort, Poster tac will get me through…”

After coming across this picture recently, we were just as astounded by her creativity as we were all those years ago. It’s yet another example of all the creative ways that customers regularly find to use our products. Using our reusable adhesive, HandiTAK, she was able to turn her entire room into one giant collage of all the things most important to her (including one of the best sitcoms of all time, “Friends”).

Since HandiTAK is reusable, we’re curious to know if any of the posters and cutouts adorning her bedroom made it to her new apartment. Does she still go to sleep with Joey, Chandler, and Monica keeping a watchful eye over her? More importantly, are any of you using our HandiTAK to decorate your walls? What sitcom casts made the cut?


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