Great Product for Repairing Tile Chips & Cracks — Get it NOW!

August 1, 2013 by Super Glue Corporation Leave a reply »
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Our customers are terrific … the feedback we get from people who actually use our products is cherished by our Research & Development team and by our Sales team as well.  Many new products, and product features, are initially generated via customer requests and suggestions.  Additionally, sales team members are always approaching retail buyers, armed with customer requests for products, to help make great products more available to people for purchase in their local stores.   Thank you, thank you, consumers,  for keeping us informed by sending us your stories!

Here’s what one customer had to say about our Porcelain Repair product:

“My home has a large area with white porcelain tile floor and walls.  As years passed, on some surface area [there] starts to appear small chips or cracks that looked ugly as a whole bunch of black dusts on [the] floor.  I fill those with super glue porcelain repair (19061) using toothpicks or Q-tips.  That made a magic showing my tile like fresh & new.”  – Customer J.Park

We were thrilled to hear that the product is working great for this customer and now our sales team is hard at work fulfilling his request:  “The problem is that I can not find a local retail store where they sell it near (California) anymore and it’s only available through the on-line store that causes me extra shipping costs and delayed time to get it …” 

We understand this frustration!! 

All Super Glue Corporation products are available for purchase on-line, by clicking below the product picture on the “Where To Buy” link, but we know that people really want to have all of our products available for purchase in their local hardware store, convenience store, or other retail location.  On-line purchase is a back up solution only … nothing takes the place of having the products available RIGHT NOW stocked on the store shelves.   Know that we DO value our customer requests and use them to get the action the customer desires and deserves.

Thanks, for sharing your story and now others can experience “magic … fresh and new”  tile, too!!  We’re hard at work trying to get the product into a store near you!



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