Rare Comics Used to Create Paper Mache Sculpture!

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It’s Comic Con Week in southern CA (San Diego) and what a fun, freaky frenzy of a show it is with all of the passionate comic related people out in full force!

Films, Comic Books, Games …. There is definitely something for everyone as new comic-related ideas are showcased and new bonds and relationships are formed.  The stories coming out of the adventure are what keep us interested. [That, and the fact that many animated film makers and wargamers tell us they use lots of our super glue to do their creative thing!!]  Here’s a great one for ya’:

One creative sculptor decided to get in on the spirit of Comic Con by creating a Paper Mache Sculpture … Notice how colorful and festive the creation made out of chicken wire, paper mache and comic books is ….

rare-comic-sculpture-1-243x300[Photo Credit:  Geekologie Blog]

There’s just one slight problem, according to Geekologie Blog, the comic books that sculptor Andrew Vickers used for his sculpture were RARE comic books!!!  Yes, RARE, as in “$30,000 worth of vintage comic books”!!  According to the blog, “Having found them in a dumpster, Andrew just assumed they weren’t worth anything … on discovering the valuable  comics glued to the chicken wire frame comic book store owner, Steve Eyre, said: ‘First of all I thought Fantastic, as visually, it is a beautiful thing, but then I walked round it … certainly on the inside right leg, there was a cover of Avengers number one … that is worth well over 10,000 pounds!’ … ”  Upon further inspection Steve Eyre found other valuable, rare comic books glued onto the sculpture totalling over $30,000! 

The sculptor, true to his art, did not find the news disheartening … The money didn’t matter … He liked his sculpture … However, the comic book store owner had a different feeling about it … According to the blog, he said people should “make paper mache sculptures out of the funny pages the way God intended”!  Perhaps a lesson learned or not!  🙂

Which would you prefer … the rare comic book staying in its original form or being transformed into art through this sculpture?? 

Send us your thoughts and you may win some free super glue!  Reference:  Comic Book Original or Art – My Thoughts!


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