How Well Do You Know Super Glue? Take a Quiz!

February 13, 2012 by Super Glue Corporation Leave a reply »
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Recently, we saw this super glue quiz circulating on Twitter so – armed with years of product knowledge – this blogger decided to step up to the plate and ace it (er, um, I mean, take it).

Here’s the link to the internet quiz:

We suggest you take the quiz now, before reading further, and see how you do.  FYI: I was surprised that I missed two out of the ten!  I’ll let you know, which ones and why, once you’ve had a chance to take the quiz … go now, take it … then come back and finish reading this post.


So, how did YOU do?  Did you get them all right?  If so, good for you … If not, keep reading, maybe this will make you feel a bit better …

After I missed two, I sent the quiz along to some others “in the know” (cyanoacrylate scientists and such ;))  and asked them to take the quiz.  Turns out most of us missed the same question!  It’s not that the quiz answers are wrong, but we think we would have stated the answer differently if we had been clever enough to design this quiz.

The first question I missed is the one most of us missed.  It is question #4  What is required to trigger super glue to work?  (heat, air or water)  We answered “air”.  The correct QUIZ answer is “water”.  In our opinion, the moisture in the air is what is required to trigger super glue to work.  Perhaps you think that still means water, but you do not need to douse super glue with water to get it to work.  Simple exposure to air is enough to trigger super glue to work as there is enough moisture in the air to trigger super glue to work. 

The second question I missed was really my mistake.  It was question #6 If you stick your fingers together with super glue what should you soak them in? (water, alcohol or soapy water)  I answered “alcohol” which I mistook for acetone — acetone DOES remove super glue, but the quiz is correct, the first thing to try is “soapy water”.  If soapy water doesn’t work then try acetone … not alcohol.

Anyway, that was fun and a good exercise in semantics if nothing else!  Let us know how you did and you may win some free products!… As for me, am I smarter than a fifth grader? Not so sure! 😉


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