Super Glue Makes Everyone Seem Handy!

March 4, 2010 by Super Glue Corporation Leave a reply »
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We were chuckling when we read a recent post by Lynne, author of the Stealing Mom blog.  Lynne recounts in amazement how her “not a handyman” husband was able to repair several home projects in one day by using super glue.

Here’s how Lynne starts the story:  “Scott called me at work to ask me where the Super Glue® was and he would not tell me why he wanted it. My heart dropped to my feet at the thought of what all he could do with glue in his hands. As I’ve already mentioned, he is not a handyman. These little home projects usually create havoc when he attempts them. Later in the day I met him at the Mall and he was actually giddy and boasting about some home projects that he had completed.”

There is nothing like the satisfaction of being able to see instant success!  Luckily we at Super Glue Corporation often get to hear stories just like Lynne’s.  People are amazed by how easy super glue works and how easily, and quickly, it restores things back to working order in seconds!  It’s the handiest tool around.  And the good thing is it makes everyone who uses it seem handy as well!

This story has a very happy ending …. Lynne’s husband, Scott, was able to reattach a plastic piece to make the refrigerator vegetable bin work again and also fixed the mailbox just by using super glue!

What about you readers:  What have you magically repaired using super glue?  Does super glue make you feel handy?  Do you consider super glue one of the handiest tools in your toolbox?  We’d love to hear from you – Tell us your story!


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