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July 22, 2009 by Super Glue Corporation Leave a reply »
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Awhile ago someone sent us this silly youtube shoe video which we thought was pretty funny; but more of a stunt than anything that could REALLY happen – Recently, however, we heard from one of our customers about a similar REAL LIFE situation involving sticky shoes!  Debra wrote in to tell us that her brother’s shoe soles had come loose-so their mom gave him some super glue to glue the soles back on, and then they put the shoes on the back concrete porch to dry.  “That evening, he went to get his shoes off the porch and almost fell on his face because when he went to pick the shoes up, one of them was firmly glued to the porch! … finally, Bobby got one of those razor scapers and scraped the shoe off, leaving a thin piece of sole still on the concrete.  You know, when they moved out of that house ten years ago, that piece of sole was still on the porch!” …. Lesson 1:  Funny stuff just happens!  Lesson 2:  Super Glue really sticks!  Lesson 3: New meaning to being a sole survivor 🙂


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  1. Avatar for Super Glue Corporation Lynn Henning says:

    Super Glue and Honeymoons……..Well, my Honeymoon was truly an ‘EYE OPENING’ experience for me. After waking up the morning of being husband and wife, my husband had decided to go to the harbor in the Florida Keyes (I should have known the marriage wouldn’t have lasted then). But eager to join him, I scurried to the bathroom, showered, and then got ready to put on some light makeup for the day. I reached into my cosmetic bag and got the bottle of ‘eye lubricant’ (I thought at the time) – as I squeezed it in the air to let the 1st drop come into my eye – I realized something was wrong …. but my brain didn’t send the signal fast enough to stop the drops that came out of the Super Glue Bottle right into my Eye! Yes, I had put superglue in my eye, rather than Visine. So, remembering that you should immediately flush your eye with water, I grabbed a towel and saturated it with water and ran out of the condominium to find my husband at the boat screaming for his attention – and he asked what’s wrong – I screamed “I superglued my eye shut” – Ok, well, I was soaking wet, not the typical honeymoon bride you would expect to see, and I hopped in the car and we rushed to the emergency room at Key Largo. Well, emergency room doctors in the Florida Keys can be ‘something else’. When I saw the doctor, he said, “Well, I’ve had people come in with fishing hooks stuck in their hands, I’ve had people with terrific sunburns, I’ve even had a woman in labor – but I can’t say I ever had anybody superglue their eye’. So, anyway, after hours of sav in the eye, and then going to an eye speciliast and having his pick the crystalized superglue out of my eye, I healed about 2 weeks later. Needless to say, I never packed superglue in my cosmetic bag again (nails, or no nails(. Six years later and with a 3 year old and a 3 month old, we were divorced. Gee, I wonder if his new wife used superglue?????

  2. Hmm…Yes, it does sound like it was an “eye-opening” experience all the way around! Thx for sharing your story…