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2014 Odyssey of the Mind Problem #4 “The Stackable Structure” Uses Balsa Wood & Glue

February 4th, 2014
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Each year creative students, from elementary school through college, participate in Odyssey of the Mind programs around the world.  Aspiring engineering students often choose the Balsa Wood and Glue structure building, weight bearing problem.  This year, as in year’s past, the Balsa Wood & Glue problem is being sponsored by Nasa.  Here’s the problem synopsis:

Problem 4:  The Stackable Structure

Teams will design and build a structure made up of separate components stacked on top of one another.  The structure components will be made of only balsa wood and glue, and will be tested by balancing and supporting weights after they are stacked.  Teams will be scored for the number of components they use in their final structure.  Before they are stacked, the separate components will be integrated into an artistic representation of the Earth.  The team will include the stacking of the components, placement of the weights, and Earth into the theme of its performance.

You can see from the specific instructions that there are many problem-solving challenges involved with this particular structure building project.  One of the important decisions all teams will make is what glue they use to build their structure.  We recommend our ZAP CA glues (preferably medium viscosity although this is something teams should test on their own prior to building their competition-grade structure).  Here is an excellent video showing the best way to cut the balsa wood and apply the cyanoacrylate (CA) to the joints.  Note:  We love the tip of using the packing tape as a surface on which to apply the glue as the balsa wood and super glue can be lifted off of the packing tape with little or no sticking!  We also recommend using Zip Kicker as the accelerator for the ZAP CAs.

[Video Credit:  NC Science Olympiad:  How to Glue Balsa]

We encourage Odyssey of the Mind teams working on this challenge to share your stories with us as you progress through the local, state, national and international competitions.  Good luck to all!!  We support your willingness to take on these creative, problem-solving challenges in an effort to expand your thinking skills!!

Balsa Wood Super Glue Tip – One of Many Science Olympiad Discoveries!

February 13th, 2012
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Super Glue Corporation salutes the young scientists in America and beyond!  Science Fairs and the Science Olympiad are terrific ways for young people to discover and display important research findings.  Everyone can learn from the students’ precision and problem solving skills. 

Check out this video — This young man has discovered a clever technique for gluing thin, balsa wood corners together using Zap CA, accelerator (we would recommend Zip Kicker), and clear tape as surface protection.  This tip is very handy, especially when lots of these mitered corners are required in building the towers, bridges, and structures specified in these competitions. 

  [Video Credit:  NC Science Olympiad:  How To Glue Balsa]

Good luck to everyone competing in the 2012 Science Olympiad National Tournament in Florida, May 18-19th, 2012.

Young Scientists:  Let us know how you are using super glue products to compete in a science fair or upcoming Science Olympiad and you may win free products!