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Mythbusters: “Super Adhesive Heroics”

May 21st, 2012
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We LOVE the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters.  It is such a fun and interesting show!  A recent episode featured using super glue (or “super adhesive” as they refer to it) to glue an entire hotel room full of furniture to the ceiling! 

Incredibly they were able to glue every piece of furniture (except the bicycle which was inadvertently left out) to the ceiling.  You can see see it all by watching this after show discussion video INCLUDING the fact that they used our Zap Super Glue Products (aka “super adhesive” as they call it) to get the job done.

Check this out:


Giant Scale RC Aircraft Shows & RC Warbird Event Sponsored by ZAP

October 24th, 2011
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[Photo Credits:  Sam Wright – Pictured: Herschel Worthy]

Check out these AMAZING Monster Planes!  These giant scale RC Aircraft were recently showcased at the Monster Plane USA event in Lakeland, Florida.  This unique event is not a competition, but an opportunity to show off and FLY these incredible model airplanes weighing up to 125 pounds!  ZAP(R) is a proud sponsor of the Monster Planes events and we received the following specifics on these planes from representatives attending the event:

“The Bucker Jungmiester is 50%or 1/2 of the full size with a 143 inch wingspan.  The yellow bi-plane is all wood built up with ZAP(R), and the P-47 has a composite fuselage with a wood sheeted wing and tail.  This type of event is great for new builders …” 

ZAP(R) adhesives were originated for the model rocket, miniature railroad, and radio-controlled (RC) airplane hobby worlds.  Specific formulas of ZAP(R) were developed for use on plastic, fiberglass, balsa wood, and metal.  ZAP(R) is durable and versatile and is recognized as having extreme resistance to breakage and failure.  When you see the amount of hard work that goes into these hobbies you can appreciate how important it is to trust the products used in constructing the projects.   Strong bonds have formed between the manufacturers of ZAP adhesives and the hobbyists who use the products.  Events like these provide wonderful opportunities to meet, greet, and brainstorm ideas on how products can continuously be improved to keep up with developments in the each specific hobby.

Frank Tiano is the mastermind behind some of the great showcase events for RC aircraft model planes and ZAP(R) glues have been associated with Frank all along the way!   Starting with Top Gun (an elite competition for RC scale planes and jets), Monster Planes (an event featuring Giant Scale RC aircraft weighing up to 125 pounds) and the upcoming Twelve O’Clock High event (a new, exciting RC Warbird Event featuring all sizes of aircraft flown from 1914-1954).  These weekend long events are great fun for RC Aircraft builders and provide an opportunity for families, and interested spectators, to get an up close and personal look at all of the research, hard work, and detail that go into the RC Aircraft building hobby.

If you are ever in the Lakeland, Florida area you will definitely want to catch one of these fascinating airshows!  Who knows? … You may find yourself caught up in a whole new hobby!




Model Mania

March 3rd, 2011
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 [Video Credit:  Hoggamadog on You Tube ]

In an age where computers, televisions, ipads, ipods, and extreme technology seem to rule it is interesting to note how many hobbyists are still hard at work building scale models in their spare time.  We hear from all kinds of model builders, including scale model builders, who use our glues and cyanoacrylates to recreate accurate model replicas of airplanes, trains, cars, trucks, buildings, dioramas, ships, wargames (real and fictional) and more.

These niche markets attract hundreds and thousands of creative people who, along with assembling model kits and designing their own models, usually spend many, many hours researching the history, life and times, surrounding the models they build.  We think these people are amazing.  Preserving history is so important and these crafters are helping ensure that the images from our past can be viewed and recalled with accuracy for generations to come.  

Our company has a deep and wide connection with these creative producers.  Here’s a quote from the About Us page on the Super Glue Corporation website:  “From our humble roots producing hobby airplane kits, Super Glue Corporation/Pacer Technology has grown exponentially over the last four decades to become the worldwide leader in the manufacture of high grade bonding agents.”  Our premium brand cyanoacrylate product, Zap(R), seems to be a preferred adhesive product of model builders (note the bottle of Zap A Gap sitting on the work table for the ship in the video above).  We take our role in this model mania very seriously and our research and development team works hand in hand with hobbyists to continue to create the best products possible to meet the specific needs of the people using our products.

If you are a hobbyist specializing in model making we want to hear from you!  Your challenges are our challenges!  Share your stories with us and you may win free sample products!

Guitar Repair

November 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit: Bailey Guitars blog]

Watching the Country Music Awards the other night was fascinating.  All of the amazingly talented musicians and their equally amazing guitars, banjos, fiddles, and more!  Each instrument is as unique as its owner!  It’s mesmerizing to watch!

We know that musicians grow incredibly attached to their instruments and we’ve heard from many that our super glue products are used to create new guitars and repair favorite ones!  Check out this step-by-step blog post article about making the finger rest.

Wicking beads of super glue into all kinds of wood is a great way to add strength and durability.  Whether repairing or simply reinforcing, cyanoacrylates perform wonders!  Not all super glues are alike though.  High quality super glues come in a range of viscosities to meet specific needs. 

If you have questions about what type, or viscosity, of super glue you need for your project don’t hesitate to contact us.  Custom formulations are even available for private label customers.

Gamers Like Perfection

November 13th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  War Machine Soul Blog]

We are always amazed by the millions of different specialized interests and hobbies there are in the world.  Our motto is “Adhering to Excellence” and we find that others who Adhere to Excellence tend to be like-minded and are as attracted to our products as we are to theirs!

Recently we ran across this amazing blog post on the War Machine Soul blog.  In the picture of supplies used for the project we were proud to see Zap-A-Gap  featured.  Modelers have found our ZAP(R) brand super glue products can be used to modify features in preformed kits, like the Privateer Press Avatar of Menoth sword.

Issac Newland writes in the blog: 

“Time for a project! I purchased an Avatar of Menoth warjack to add to my slowly expanding Protectorate army. I really like the model with all of its flowing shoulder cloth and pipe organ style steam boiler. However! I despise its’ sword. In the game rules, the Avatar has “reach” with its’ weapon, meaning it has 4 times the range of a standard weapon. Great, you’d think this would be a rather large weapon then. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s about an inch long, it’s sad really. So, after wandering through some forums I got the idea to lengthen it myself.”

So, using the items in the photograph above he sets about adapting the kit sword to meet his desired specifications.  Amazing precision and craftsmanship are used to get the results he wants.  We are impressed!  Check out the actual blog post for details into this fascinating other world.

Once again we salute hobbyists and your wide range of interests and talents!

Kit Car Tip

October 20th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  Lighting the Fire Blog]

Many of you know that the practical roots for several of Super Glue Corporation’s most popular products come from the model/hobby world so we are always intrigued when we see stories and tips from model car, airplane, and train enthusiasts.

In a blog posting titled “Science Club” Jill wrote:  kids are “learning about force and motion and gravity …”.  She goes on to say that they built kit cars and used a ramp to illustrate the different concepts they were teaching.  She said, “the cars that we built last week made it down the ramp – at least once. We changed the angle of the ramp a few times to see how that would affect the speed and pushed the cars uphill to show forces at work.  When the wheels really did start to come off, the children switched to lego cars.  Note for next time: super glue the wheels.”

Great tip, Jill!  A drop of super glue works to fasten small parts on all types of models.  We get emails all the time about how The Original Super Glue(R) and ZAP(R) products are being used to create amazing scale models that are entered into all kinds of competitive events.  They hold up under incredibly difficult crashes and conditions.  We agree that there will be no more wheel frustrations if your kids use a drop of super glue on their kit cars next time around!  Good luck and thanks for all you’re doing to help kids learn by experimentation – that’s awesome!!