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ZAP for Fly Fishing!

September 15th, 2011
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Zap-in-SV-225x300[Photo Credit:  Super Glue Corporation]

This Super Glue Corp Chief Blogger was recently vacationing in Sun Valley and while I was hanging around the uber cool Silver Creek Outfitters store I spotted our ZAP Flyfishing Adhesive Product (perfect for fly tying) in the store.  As a marketer this made me very happy, so I snapped this picture for the blog.

Later my group and I went out with a couple of guides (Bob & Thatcher) and waded in the river in search of some mighty trout.  Our novice group wasn’t too successful with the fishing that day (a more experienced member of our group had gone out the day before with Silver Creek guides and caught 19 fish in an afternoon!), but we had a lot of fun and saw lots of wildlife … elk, goats, and even some harmless snakes (I didn’t see the snakes, thankfully!).

This video shows the status of the fly fishing in the Sun Valley area right around the time that we were there.  Check it out!

Fly fishing is an amazingly involved sport that requires knowledge and skill!  Along with the actual skill involved with the fishing there is the added talent involved with making your own flies!  Check out this video showing the skill involved with fly tying (also note the ZAP adhesive he uses!).  If you’re a fly fisher who ties flies with ZAP adhesives send us your story and you may win some sample products.