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Wolf Carving Sticks To Driftwood!

March 4th, 2010
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wolf5[Photo Credit:  North Idaho Carver]

This gorgeous wolf carving is mounted on a finished piece of driftwood found off the coast of Washington.  The North Idaho Carver artist/blogger, Ed, says, “The wolf is pinned on the driftwood with brads and super glue.”

Quite a beautiful piece — love it!

Super Glue Reinforces Wood Carvings

August 25th, 2009
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Our customer, Laurence, tells us that he uses super glue to strengthen wood – “After hand carving wooden propellers while building model airplanes I basically apply a liberal amount of super glue to the wood and let it wick in to strengthen the propeller and help prevent breakage.” 

[Note:  This tip makes a lot of sense!  Super Glue is extremely strong, and substrates tend to break sooner than joints where the super glue is applied, so using it as reinforcement to strengthen the wood is a great idea!]