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Balsa Wood Super Glue Bridge Project – Challenge For Students

March 15th, 2010
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balsa-bridge-2[Photo Credit:  Green Hobby Model]

Here’s a fun, competitive, project idea for creative engineer students of almost any age.

The challenge:  Create the best (weight-bearing) engineered bridge, of any group, using:

– (20) 2 foot long pieces of balsa wood
Super Glue*
– Cutting Knives*

*adult supervision required

The competition can be structured a variety of ways, but it is most fun when students are divided into teams, with two to four students on each team. The collaborative, synergy of the group often produces the best results.

Schools can add to the excitement by making sure the event is covered in the local newspaper like Gulf Shores Middle School did in this article.

Every year there is a Technology Student Association competition in the county. Each school brings three teams of two students to the competition which is about structural engineering. They get to use 20 pieces of two-foot balsa wood, a cutting blade, and Super Glue, to create a bridge design no bigger than eight inches long and three inches wide. They also have to put it together in only two hours. After all the projects are done the judges have to test them to see if they are eligible. The judges test the projects by using a bridge tester which will pull down the bridge to see how much weight it can hold.”

There is no better way of learning than by doing!! We applaud schools, and clubs, that offer students challenging, hands-on projects like these to help teach complex concepts!

Send us some pictures of how you used Super Glue Corporation products to construct your balsa wood bridge (be sure to detail how the bridge held up to the weight and which super glue product worked best for you) and you may win some sample products!