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Hobbies and Holidays – Hold On To Your Wheels!

October 16th, 2012
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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are truly thankful for our amazing customers.  Consumer stories keep us informed and up-to-date on product specifications that work for our customers and enable them (you) to do the things they (you) enjoy! 

Holidays are the perfect time for family fun!  And whether you are into hobbies where you build things, like model-making, or hobbies where you go places, like bike riding, you need to make sure you hold on to your wheels!

[Photo Credit:  Keep Your Wheels On blog]

We recently ran across this great blog post by aviation enthusiast and modeler Thayer Syme titled Keep Your Wheels On!  In it the author gives a great tip for doing just that – reinforcing the wheels on the RC model’s axel by adding a few drops of our removable threadlocker product, Pacer Z-42 (pictured): 

[Photo Credit:  Keep Your Wheels On Blog Post]

He says, “Grinding a flat on the axel and applying a drop of Pacer’s Z-42 Threadlocker ensures the best possible chance of secure mounting with wheel collars.”

The author goes on to suggest, “while wheel collars are handy and easy to use they aren’t always appropriate.  They can look out of scale  on smaller models and add unnecessary weight … I’ll often use a lightweight cotter pin instead …”  You should read the entire blog post as the author, Thayer Syme, is very descriptive and technical.  He gives excellent advice for securing RC model airplane wheels and you don’t want to miss one step! 

We particularly liked this reinforcement process though because he ends it by mentioning another product of ours ZAP:  “While you can solder it to the axle, I usually just use a drop or two of thin Zap super glue to hold the tubing in place.”

So if your hobby is model airplanes we know that Pacer’s Z-42 removable threadlocker, and ZAP will keep those wheels secure, but what about if your hobby is bikeriding?

[Photo Credit:  Gear Post from Tall Guy On A Bike blog]

Turns out Pacer’s Z-42 removable threadlocker is a great product for holding onto bigger wheels as well.  According to Tall Guy On A Bike blog the bicycle pictured here took him “across the country … The most important part of a touring bike – the wheels … dripped some Pacer Z-42 removable threadlock into the spoke ends and the wheels stayed true for the entire ride.”  Again, great news and we appreciate the shout out! 

It’s important to know that our products are successful in keeping hobbyists and sports enthusiasts in good working order so they (you) can go about the business of enjoying what they (you) love to do!

Please continue to blog about our products and also send us your stories.  It is really important that we keep in touch with our customers and know how our products can best meet your needs.  We are super thankful for all of our customers and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and terrific beginning to a holiday season filled with lots of time for doing all of the things you love to do!!  Hold onto your wheels … here we go!


Creative Centerpieces

January 3rd, 2011
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SG-Centerpiece-1-300x225SG-Centerpiece-1-300x225Check out these awesome centerpieces made with Super Glue Corporation’s proprietary caps, bottles, and tips! 

Over the holiday season Super Glue Corporation employees were encouraged to submit centerpieces for the annual employee luncheon.  These two were this Chief Blogger’s favorites because of their unique use of our products!

Many of you may not know that along with what’s inside all of our products we also manufacture our own bottles, tips and caps using proprietary resins to ensure product compatibility and increased shelf life!

Good Advice: Removing keys stuck with super glue

November 11th, 2009
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ebay-127[Credit: La Jolla Mom]

Here’s a great story about cause and effect 🙂 …. La Jolla Mom recently wrote about a problem she was forced to solve related to super glue (which was being used initially for creative purposes)!  Her blog post is titled “If Your Husband Puts Your Keys In A Pile Of Super Glue, Here’s How To Get It Off” and her acetone solution is perfect – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

She writes that her husband (La Jolla Dad) “was making a very cool spider Halloween decoration and super glueing eyeballs onto balloons …He was doing it over a piece of paper on the kitchen island and somehow my keys wound up on top of it.”

Check out her blog post for how, exactly, she solved the problem!  Removing super glue with acetone is an excellent solution (for more information, and details on how to remove super glue click on this link)!