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HandiTak User Review – Hang Posters with No Damage to Walls!

August 28th, 2012
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[Video Credit:  Expo TV]

This is a great review for our product, Handi-Tak!  A great replacement for pushpins, tacks and nails; you can adhere posters and pictures to any surfaces without damage.  Simply knead the Handi-Tak into a ball so that it gets tacky and poof! it sticks anywhere.  It has great holding power!  Great for dorm rooms, offices, apartments and any place you want to hang things and still be able to remove them whenever you want without having to repair the wall.

Science Fair Project Ideas

August 23rd, 2012
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Hey, Students!  As you begin brainstorming your science fair project ideas be sure to think about how you might incorporate The Original Super Glue brand products into your plans!  We are always interested in helping budding scientists reach for their dreams, AND our product development team is always interested in new and unique ways our products are being used.

Some project ideas, like this Soda Bottle Magnetometer used to “monitor changes in the Earth’s magnetic field for signs of magnetic storms”  just use super glue to build the project’s monitoring device whereas other project ideas may be about the actual super glue itself (such as comparing the holding power of super glue or epoxies to other adhesives).  Either way — we want to help you out!

If you need super glue products to use for a science project simply send us your request for “Science Fair Project Super Glue Products” along with your name,  and the products you need (supplies may be limited), and we will send you some sample products.  If you’ve used our products in a science fair project before, and have a picture, or description, of the how the products were used, send us that as well and we may use your story in our blog (and send you some sample products).

Happy Experimenting!!

Back To School!

August 23rd, 2012
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It’s “Back To School” time and who, we ask, doesn’t get excited about a new box of crayons?

This art idea from Pinterest makes a new box of crayons even more exciting!!  All it takes is a canvas, a box of crayons, some super glue, a blow drier and poof!  You have a new piece of art for that classroom wall, child’s bedroom or even dorm room!

So very clever!

Don’t forget to look for The Original Super Glue(R) brand products when you are buying school supplies this year.  Our glue sticks are awesome!  We also have some great foam dots, squares, and tape that work great for bulletin boards and school projects, and if you need to glue things to foam core board be sure to use our special foam glue products!

Have a great new school year, Everyone!!

Button Bowl

July 20th, 2012
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We love this button bowl idea!  It’s made using a balloon, buttons and super glue!  So clever!!  Just one of the favorite things we’ve pinned on our board “Crafts” on Pinterest!

Harry Coover – How Stuff Works!

April 25th, 2012
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[Video Credit:  HowStuffWorks]

Check out this fun video … We think our friend (and amazing inventor of super glue) the late Dr. Harry Coover, gets five stars on Benefits & Ripple Effect scales as well!  We were so lucky to witness Dr. Harry Coover receive the National Medal of Technology and Innovation at a gala in Washington, D.C. in November 2010!

For the record:  Dr. Coover passed away at the age of 94 years old on March 26, 2011 (Note:  Dr. Coover was born March 6, 1917 NOT 1919 as stated in the How Stuff Works video – see reference:  Super Glue Corporation blog).

Dr. Harry Coover, Inventor of Super Glue, Recognized by President Obama

November 18th, 2010
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HarryWCoover-300x199[Photo Credit:  Ryan K Morris Photography and the National Science & Technology Medals Foundation]

Dr. Harry Coover was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in a ceremony at the White House Wednesday, November 17th for his invention of “cyanoacrylates – novel adhesives known widely to consumers as ‘super glues’ – which today play significant roles in medicine and industry.

Super Glue Corporation representatives were pleased to join Dr. Coover’s family members and Eastman Chemical Company colleagues at a gala honoring the 2009 Laureates on Tuesday evening, November 16th, in Washington DC.  A plaque from all of Super Glue Corporation’s employees was presented to Dr. Coover in a private meeting with him prior to the White House ceremony.

At 93 years of age, Dr. Coover is still sharp as a tack and remains engaged through media and the internet actively following a broad spectrum of  interests including the economy, science and technology innovation, politics and government.  Super Glue Corporation representatives were pleased to have the opportunity to visit with Dr. Coover about a wide range of topics.  With 460 patents to his name and over 60 publications, Dr. Coover’s candid statements are very insightful.  We are honored to be associated with this preeminent scientist and congratulate him on receiving the United States government’s  “highest honor for technological achievement bestowed on American innovators by the President of the United States.”

The November 16th Gala literature states about the program,   “It recognizes those who have made lasting contributions to America’s competitiveness, standard of living, and quality of life through technological innovation, and to recognize those who have made substantial contributions to strengthening the Nation’s technological workforce.  The Medal also seeks to inspire future generations of Americans to prepare for and pursue tehnical careers to keep America at the forefront of global technology and economic leadership.”

Congratulations, Dr. Harry Coover, from all of your fans at Super Glue Corporation!

Kit Car Tip

October 20th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  Lighting the Fire Blog]

Many of you know that the practical roots for several of Super Glue Corporation’s most popular products come from the model/hobby world so we are always intrigued when we see stories and tips from model car, airplane, and train enthusiasts.

In a blog posting titled “Science Club” Jill wrote:  kids are “learning about force and motion and gravity …”.  She goes on to say that they built kit cars and used a ramp to illustrate the different concepts they were teaching.  She said, “the cars that we built last week made it down the ramp – at least once. We changed the angle of the ramp a few times to see how that would affect the speed and pushed the cars uphill to show forces at work.  When the wheels really did start to come off, the children switched to lego cars.  Note for next time: super glue the wheels.”

Great tip, Jill!  A drop of super glue works to fasten small parts on all types of models.  We get emails all the time about how The Original Super Glue(R) and ZAP(R) products are being used to create amazing scale models that are entered into all kinds of competitive events.  They hold up under incredibly difficult crashes and conditions.  We agree that there will be no more wheel frustrations if your kids use a drop of super glue on their kit cars next time around!  Good luck and thanks for all you’re doing to help kids learn by experimentation – that’s awesome!!

Funny:) … “Be Careful With Super Glue”

August 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit: via Heimerik from Twitter]

If you’re not on Twitter then you may not have seen this funny picture of Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, being circulated about … Whoever put this together had a funny sense of humor … even we had to laugh :)!

Stay up-to-date on all the fun trivia the world has to offer! – Follow us today on Twitter @SuperGlueCorp or join our Facebook page asap!  If nothing else you’ll get a laugh or two out of it!

Amazing Mini-Kites!

August 18th, 2010
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[Photo Credit:  Webb Taylor]

These amazing miniature kites are replicas of exotic Oriental art used on kites, and measure no larger than 6 inches!  The craftsman wrote in to tell us his story about how he uses our product, Fix-All adhesive, to construct these treasures.  Here’s what Webb Taylor told us about these gorgeous works of art:

“I am a retired aero-space engineer and have taken up the hobby of making miniatures of oriental kites.  My daughter is rather artistic and she replicates the exotic paintings which the Oriental artists put on their kites.  I have made about 100 miniatures (no larger than 6”) and have used your adhesive for all of them.  I obtain the glue at Dollar Tree.  The glue is fantastic for these kites; I have had some crash on the concrete sidewalk, the side of the house and into a telephone pole–and not one glue joint broke!  When constructing a kite I use an ample supply on a joint and during the final trimming and sanding of the structure I clean each joint till the adhesive is almost removed.  This takes place after several hours of curing the joint.  Thanks for such a great product.”

Check out all of the joints, involved in making these miniature kites, where Webb uses The Original Super Glue(R) – Amazing!:

[Photo Credit:  Webb Taylor]

Thank you, Webb, for sharing your story with us so that we can share it  here with our readers!  We are impressed with your engineering talents (and your daughter’s art work) and we’re thrilled to hear our product is measuring up to your high standards!

Quick Repairs Using the Accutool!

June 29th, 2010
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Check out these quick repairs using The Original Super Glue(R) Accutool:

1.  Shoe Repair – This tennis shoe sole is quickly and easily reattached using high impact resistant formula super glue!


2.  Leather Belt Repair – A split and frayed leather belt is restored in seconds using high strength super glue!

[Both Videos Credit: Pomona125]