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Take Super Glue Hiking!

November 18th, 2013
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170px-Tungurahua_eruptio[Tungarahua Volcano Photo Credit:  Wikipedia]

This exciting story came to our attention from The Original Super Glue(R) customer, G. Neumaie:

“We were on vacation in Ecuador.  When we left for a hiking trip, I made sure to bring a couple of tubes of Super Glue.  To make a long story short, we drove from Quito out to the Mountain Tungarahua out past the city of Ambato.  This volcano is usually somewhat active, not like Mount Imbaburra where we were based.  So, out we went, climbing and looking at the boiling steam vents and the sights of Nature.  The volcano awoke, shaking the whole mountainside with a roaring low pitch sound like a thousand thunderstorms.  Some of us fell down on the sharp rocks.  We had to get out in a hurry.  There were wounds that were bleeding, but the priority was to get off the mountain.  Out came the Super Glue!  A few dabs on the wounds after a quick wipe and the bleeding stopped.  When we got down to the town of Banos, the Doctor said we didn’t need any stitches because the Super Glue took care of it.  My family was safe and sound, thanks to the quick acting super glue.  Later we had ice cream.”  🙂 ….

We say, “Boy, did you ever deserve that ice cream!!”

Thanks for sharing your amazing story with us and thanks for reminding us to TAKE SUPER GLUE HIKING!