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What Are The Most Essential Items In Your Adventure Tool Kit?

August 26th, 2010
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Cooler September days, blue skies, and open roads call out to adventurous types.  Traveling light, carrying along only the most essential items, is mandatory.  We’re interested in hearing from you:  What are the MOST essential items in your adventure tool kit?

We were pleased to read that Two Time Great Divide Race-Winner Matthew Lee, in an article for the Adventure Cycling Organization, is quoted as stating:  “Super Glue has a million uses.  Bring it on every multi-day ride.”  Wow, a million uses!  Guess that makes super glue a valuable tool.  Handy and easy to pack on long bike trips for sure. 

Extreme bike enthusiasts have told us they use super glue products for lots of things, including:  emergency tire repair, emergency gear repair, shoe sole repair, handlebar grip repair, to seal small skin cuts and blisters, and more.  If you count super glue or Bondini as one of the most essential items in your adventure tool kit, let us know and you may win free product!  Also, let us know what else you carry in your adventure tool kit – is there anything more multi-functional and more compact than a tube of super glue? – We’re interested in hearing from you!