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Super Glue: “The Household Fix All!”

October 26th, 2013
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[Photo Credit:  via George Crill]

Some of our best product use ideas come directly from satisfied customers.  George C., from Kalamazoo, MI, sent us this photo of a “porcelain bamboo vase which was broken into a couple dozen pieces and put back together with super glue gel.”  George suggests using super glue “sparingly, it doesn’t take much to achieve a strong bond with household items.”  We agree!!

George also tells us he “used the gel to bond fabric to leather on shoes; repaired a CFL light bulb to its aluminum base with glass adhesive as well as multiple [other] glass items; and once repaired an engine fuel injector & oxygen sensor with super glue gel.”  Additionally, he connected an engine gasket to a water pump with Pro-Seal.  George added,  “One of the most delicate repairs was a glass figurine repaired and attached to its metal base.   I could think of a 1,001 repairs that can be made with the variety of super glue products available.”

Wow, we appreciate that feedback, George!   THANKS for sharing your story with us!  It made our day!   And now,  let’s give George the last word:  “One thing I always have on hand is Super Glue which has become a household fix all!  It hasn’t failed me yet.”  🙂




Hot Tip: #1 Best Gift for Father’s Day … Super Glue Products!!

June 12th, 2013
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This week everyone is scrambling for the perfect gift for Father’s Day … Is it a shirt?  A tie?  A gadget from Brookstone or Sharper Image?

Oh sure, dads appreciate those gifts, but in reality all most DADS really want is to be recognized for the HEROES they already are … And what makes a dad a hero faster than anything?  When they fix something for one of their family members!! … Yep, that’s what most dads want to do … make life a little better for their families …

So, we have come up with a Hot Tip for you:  The #1 Best Gifts for Father’s Day are Super Glue Products!!  They can be purchased very reasonably at your local hardware store, dollar storebig box store, or drug store … any Super Glue product will be a great hit with dad, but here are two he should definitely have on hand all the time:

Super Glue Gel and E-Z Fuse Tape:

We guarantee by having these two items dad will be able to fix most problems that come along.  How you ask?  Don’t worry about that … He will use his own creativity … the important thing is for him to have these two tools on hand at all times!  Trust us, he will thank you over and over again for the Best Father’s Day Gift ever!! 

Happy Father’s Day to all of the HEROES out there!  We love you, Dad!!  You’re the best!!!


Coral Propagation and Super Glue Gel

December 19th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  The Filter Guys]

Coral Propagation is  a very interesting hobby.  We have been hearing about it for years as consumers write in to tell us how they use our super glue products.  ZAP super glue gel seems to be a favored product among aquarium and reef forum contributors and our readers. 

Along with ZAP super glue gel these hobbyists also recommend Zap-A-Gap super glue.  It is also a thick gel that is specially designed for gap filling.  It fills in the coral irregularities and will help attach it to reef rocks or commercial frag tools.  It is best to attach the coral frag to a dry plug or rock outside of the aquarium and then submerge it into the water.  Both the ZAP super glue gel and Zap-A-Gap products are not harmful to the other aquarium inhabitants and by the time the coral attaches itself and the growth process takes off the super glue will disolve and disappear altogether as it ultimately breaks down in water. 

Coral propagation is a very fulfilling hobby as coral reproduces rapidly, transfers easily and can be shared and traded with other hobbyists.  There are so many different varieties of coral out there.  What a cool, fascinating hobby!

If you use super glue products to propagate coral send us your tips and tricks!  We want to hear from you!!


Happy Spring!

March 27th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  Hostess With The Mostest Daily Blog]

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) decorating is the best, and most impressive, kind of decorating.  These clever terracotta Easter baskets will brighten up any table, classroom, or break room at your work place, and they are super fun and easy to make.

Check out the complete directions for making the “baskets” by going directly to the HWTM Daily Blog.  Basic supplies needed include terracotta pots, colorful scrapbooking paper, Easter “grass” and plastic eggs.  We would recommend you use a super glue gel (best for the porous paper and pots) to adhere the paper trim to the pots.

Good Luck and thanks to HWRM Daily Blog for the very inspiring idea!

Send us your story of how you use super glue products to create a DIY Spring craft and you may win sample products!

Motorcycle Grip Tip

October 20th, 2010
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[Video Credit:  CruiserCustomizing]

Satified customer, Dan Scott, recently sent us this story about how he uses The Original Super Glue(R) products: 

Dan says he uses super glue products on motorcycles.  “I bought some Kuryakan grips for my motorcycle which cost between $49 to $79 for the set. They are the most popular grips around and most motorcycle folks buy them from Kuryakan. The 2 bottles of glue were dried up when I received them so I called to ask what glue can be substituted. They said, “Super Glue Gel.” and that is the ONLY glue they would recommend.”  [We found the video above which shows how, indeed, glue is applied when changing out grips.]

We appreciate Dan’s story and in honor of his tip we will send out free samples of Super Glue Gel to the first 50 cruisers requesting.  Simply go to send us your story on our website and email us your address along with the words “Motorcycle Grip Tip Blog – Please Send Super Glue Gel Sample”  no later than December 1, 2010.

How Do You Use Super Glue?

July 21st, 2010
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We  love hearing from consumers of our products.  Many people write in and tell us their stories about how they use Super Glue Corporation products.  This information is very important to us.  We track this valuable information and use it in our research and development process.

We are particularly impressed that our loyal customers are so honest and forthcoming with their tips … we also like that satisfied consumers tend to spread the great news about our products … we know that word of mouth advertising is the very best thing in the world and we appreciate every bit we get!   Here’s some of the interesting feedback we recently received:

1.  N.Y. states:  “I use it on my models, cars and trucks where the model glue won’t work, your stuff does awesome wonders …”

2. R.B.N. states:  “Super Glue Folks, Never in my life have I used a product as useful as this.  The gel is easy to use and most important, it can be used for several applications.  It is the best money spent in a long time.  Great product.”

3.  D.N. writing about Bondini Gel states:  “I use it to put the cue tips on my cue sticks.  It works great … some people said that it wouldn’t work and the tips would come off -Not$!!!!!!”

4.  A.P.  states:  “I have dreadlox that are about 2 feet long in the longest places and sometimes they break for various reasons.  Anyway I have been using your product specifically, because [competitor’s] doesn’t last.  I’ve used super glue to mend or re-attach my lox when they break or fallout, and its the only thing I trust.  I’ve been growing my hair for 9 years, so I’m glad to have such a perfect product to trust … thank you Super Glue, the Dreadlox’s friend.”

5.  M.L.D. writing about the Accutool states:  “The best thing I like about your Super Glue Accutool is that it’s the only product of it’s kind that I can use repeatedly with confidence that it won’t be glued to itself.  Every time I’ve used it, the lid comes off easily, and it dispenses the glue just like it did the first time I used it.  Thank you very much for saving me a lot of frustration.”

6.  T.D.G. states:  “I am one of the rosary makers at Santa Tersita in Buena Vista, Duarte, CA. … I am one of the two who do the knot/cord rosary.  I have tried all types of glue to harden or firm the cord/knot crucifix in the rosary … I was about to give up making the knot/cord rosaries … a clerk … advised me to try the 2 pack super glue #19108 … I did one cord rosary & tried the glue in the cord crucifix and I couldn’t believe it.  It not only hardens/firms the cord/knot crucifix, but it was very clean & clear.  Since then I & the other knot/cord rosary makers are buying the 2 pack #19108 super glue.”

7.  J.C. states:  “I always buy your product and use it for the application of my artificial nails.  It comes out very easily.  I like the size of the bottle (easy to carry in my purse or pocket).  I would recommend it to my friends.”

8.  J.J. states:  “This may not sound like much but the passenger side door mirror on my grandmas car kept getting broken off from her backing out of the garage.  We had tried new complete mirrors, then epoxy, then wired it on which she couldn’t stand.  Then just to see if it would work I took the old mirror and used super glue to bond it back on to the door and after about 5-10 minutes I let go and it held.  The great part of this is after trying those other options and she kept hitting the garage door frame the super glue held and is still holding and has been hit four times that I know of that she has told us.  I am the only person doing these repairs so I am very happy with the outcome, and my grandmother needs the mirror on as she’s 87 years old.  Thank You I have told everyone.”

9.  S.C. states:  “When I graduated college in 1970, I was given a money clip with a sold silver coin-shaped ingot on it as decoration.  I have carried it since.  About 5 years ago the ingot came off of the clip, due to the rivet keeping the ingot bezel on the clip breaking after so long.  I used Super Glue to re-attach the ingot and have carried the clip since.”

10. J.S. writing about Vinyl/Leather Mender“When I have cuts in leather jackets and car seats or booths I use it to mend and then fill in with Pro 2, another product, and then I dye the leather.”

This is just a small sampling of the feedback … we’ll share more next time. We would love to hear from you!  Share your stories, about how you use Super Glue Corporation’s products and you may win some free product samples.