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Recycling for the Birds!!

July 25th, 2013
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Forthebirds2-219x300[Photo Credit:  VeryHeatherly Blog]

Is recycling for the birds?  Absolutely not!!  However, in this case, it may well be for the birds!  🙂

We love recycling!  Consumers tell us repairing, reusing, and recycling are some of the main uses of our products!

This clever idea showed up on Pinterest and we think it is great!!  A broken, Kate Spade, china plate was repaired and then super glued — (we love that verb!!)  to a vase from the dollar store to create a beautiful bird feeder.  What a wonderful addition to a summer garden and a treat for the birds as well!!

Go directly to the VeryHeatherly Blog for step-by-step details on how to make this bird feeder!

Send us your stories on how you use super glue products to recycle and you may win free products!!

Earth Day 2013

March 25th, 2013
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Earth Day is April 22, 2013!   This year’s theme is “face of climate change”.  We know that recycling has had a positive effect on our environment.  Repairing, reusing, and recycling are some of the main reasons consumers are stuck on Super Glue Corporation products!  Over the years we’ve blogged about many different types of recycling projects …. Here’s a recap of just a few of our favorites:

BUILDING A MINI HOVERCRAFT using old cds, bottle caps, balloons and super glue ** FUN **

BIRDFEEDERS made from old cd cases, and super glue ** CREATIVE **

DECORATIVE SWITCHPLATE COVERS reusing old neckties and contact cement to decorate plain switchplate covers ** FASHION FORWARD IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME **

VASES polymer clay flowers attached to old glass jars using super glue and paint ** WOW **

EASTER EGG ANEMOMETER (instrument for measuring wind force and speed) you’ll have to see this one to believe it .. just click the link 😉 ** SPRING & SCIENCE **

You can find more Earth Day project ideas by going to our blog and seach “recycle” or check out our PINTEREST board titled “Recycling with The Original Super Glue“!

“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world.  In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

CREATIVE Crankshaft Table!

February 26th, 2012
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imageimage[Photo Credits:  Sean Corron The Artificer’s Repository website]

Check out this amazing glass table made using a 1987 Volvo 240 crankshaft!  Sean Corron, the designer and artist, stripped down the old car and saved some of the parts to use on repairs of his own Volvo; sold other parts; and decided to refabricate some of the parts that were no longer useful in cars, like this crankshaft, to create something brand new!!  We think this is awesome!!

Sean told us he decided to use The Original Super Glue Glass Adhesive because it would be the best adhesive for this job, “I was searching for the perfect adhesive to complete a project which required a strong bond between glass and metal. Silicone and other air-cure adhesives would dry much too slowly (if ever) and 2-part epoxy has let me down in the past when applied to a smooth surface like glass. Your UV cure glass adhesive was the perfect solution, and my table is holding up well.”

You can check out all of the details on how Sean created this table, and see more pictures, by going directly to his website The Artificer’s Repository.  Thanks for telling us your story, Sean!  We are impressed with your ingenuity and super proud that our product helped you accomplish your creative goal!

Reuse/Recycle: Bird Feeder Project

April 6th, 2010
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square bird feeder[PHOTO CREDIT:]

How great is this (especially in light of the fact that Earth Day is April 22nd)?  The website is hosting an “Ultimate Reuse Challenge” over the next 3 weeks.  The specifics for the contest entries are stated on their website:

“Because plastics are one of the most abundant materials in the waste stream, our task was to create and reuse a specific type of plastic in an original, funny or creative manner.”

Matt Saling’s two projects, made from old cd cases and super glue, were among the first entries!  We think they are adorable … what great birdfeeders!!  There’s a square version and a triangle version!!

triangular bird feeder

We love creative people and the clever ways they use our products!!  Fixing, repairing, and reusing old items by turning them into something new, are just some of the amazing things that can be done with our instant adhesives.

I don’t know about you, but I (your Super Glue blogger) have always wondered if birds really like going into those tiny holes in regular bird houses …. these CD structures look much more open and free 🙂 … Our only recommendation would be to use our Plastic-Fuse(R) product any time you are trying to bond plastics (the primer will help ensure an excellent bond with almost all plastics – including previously recycled plastics, often challenging to regular super glues).

Check out the Ultimate Reuse Challenge blog post for more information about this contest!

Check out the EPA website for more information about Earth Day 2010!

[Photo Credit:]

Happy Easter – Happy Spring!

March 30th, 2010
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Easter-Egg-Anemometer-Wind-Speed-Meter[Photo Credit:  Instructables]

Ah!  The signs of Spring are everywhere … YAY! … The snow is melting, new leaves are sprouting on the trees, flowers are blooming in the gardens, new baby birds are chirping away …. and of course, in many parts of our country, the winds are vigorously helping usher in the season …

We love this seasonal Easter Egg anemometer (instrument for measuring wind force and speed).  All it takes to make it is an inexpensive analog multimeter, some super glue, and a few other supplies you probably already have, on hand, in your tool chest.  (For complete instructions click on the Instructables website link here.)

Another sign of Spring is that Earth Day is approaching.  April 22, 2010 will mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  The inspiration for Earth Day came about as a way to celebrate our environment and this amazing planet Earth!   Today millions of people celebrate by spending the day cleaning up beaches and fields; planting trees; walking to work; helping educate children about recycling and the importance of maintaining a healthy environment and a multitude of other ways.  There are lots of websites dedicated to helping people learn about things they can do, on an individual or group basis, to make the world a better place.  Check out the U.S. government’s Environmental Protection Agency website for some history and tips about this special day.

Super Glue is a great product to have on hand for your reuse/recycle projects.  So many people use it to fix and repair things that would otherwise have to be thrown away.  It’s amazing how easy it is to bring things back to their original condition with just a drop or two of super glue.  It is instant gratification and helps save the Earth a little bit each time, too! 

Super Glue can also be used to make something new out of something old.  We love to hear from the creative crafters who use our adhesive products to make something entirely new.  Often these new artifacts are created using recycled items.  We love to highlight these projects in our blog as they are really impressive. 

For this blog, we’ll close with a clever, cute, recycle idea using the same plastic Easter Eggs that created the Easter Egg anemometer we discussed earlier …. Easter Rattlesnakes!


[Photo Credit:  Instructables]

It’s a silly idea, but it looks like a fun project that will keep the kids busy long after the last Easter Egg is found at the end of the hunt!  Directions for this great reuse/recycle project can be found on the Instructables website.  All it takes is glue and YOU!

We’re heading into a brand new season of the year!  We wish you and yours all the joys that a spectacular Spring can bring!!