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Exquisite Vases From Recycled Glass Bottles & Jars

April 25th, 2012
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860aa4bf6823792b317b488fe4cef098?s=32&[Photo Credit:  BusyMommy]

This is just about the most exquisite idea we’ve ever seen and just in time for Mother’s Day (and Earth Day, too)!  This Do-It-Yourself idea came directly from the BusyMommy blog we recently ran across.  The blog entry, written by Emily, refers to the vases as “upcycled polymer flower vases”.   The vase in this picture is a clear glass mason jar that has been spray painted white.  Once dry, the artists’ handmade polymer clay flowers are attached using super glue.  To see all of the details for making this project (including the polymer clay flowers) go directly to the BusyMommy blog.

Isn’t it beautiful?  We’re impressed!  What a beautiful treasure to surprise your mom, daughter, grandmother or friend with on Mother’s Day, or any day, for that matter! 

Happy Earth Day 2012 and Happy Mother’s Day!

Custom Bottlecap Push Pins

August 27th, 2011
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bottlecap-push-pins[Photo Credit:  Martha Stewart]

Happy Fall!  Happy September!

Here’s a great back to school idea – custom made bottlecap push pins!  Made from recycled bottlecaps and thumbtacks these push pins are terrific!  You can get the full scoop on how they are made by going directly to the Martha Stewart website, but basically you just need:  old bottlecaps, thumb tacks, pictures, packing tape, resin, and contact cement (to attach the tack to the cap).   There’s even a great video on the site showing expanded uses on this idea including coasters and pins for adorning clothing.

We can think of lots of different ways these handy push pins can be useful, including the following:

1) Customizing bulletin boards at home, office or school

2) Packaging 6 or so together and giving them as parent gifts at Christmas

3) Putting numbers in them and using them to prioritize items on your bulletin boards

4) Putting days of the week in them and using them to keep kids’ or busy moms’ activities organized on a bulletin board

Teachers, parents, scouting troops, and arts and crafts hobbyists will have fun customizing this clever idea!  Send us your story on how you use super glue products at home, school or work to create fun new artifacts and you may win sample products!

It’s In The Details

January 8th, 2011
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[Photo Credit:  About My Dollhouses Blog]

Impressed is an understatement!  We couldn’t believe the research and work involved in creating the amazing miniature illumination described in this Lighting The Castle blogpost.

After researching medieval artwork to determine what kind of lighting was used in castles, the author describes how she recreates torches, and wall lighting:  “Having decided that I need to make torches for my Castle Dollhouse to light the more Common areas, like the Great Hall, and the Pantries, I came up with a combination of metal jewelry findings and some candle flame bulbs and sockets.”  

 She used super glue to help bond the illumination devices created.

As a finishing touch the author notes, “For the flame shaped bulb cover I raided a bunch of those LED tea-lights. I might paint some orangey yellowish streaks on them so they aren’t so white…….”

Fascinating stuff!  Check out the entire article to truly appreciate all the details!!  We think extreme crafters, like this artist, are ROYALTY!!

Reuse Old CDs Using Super Glue & Lights!

December 11th, 2009
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cdtree02 [Photo Credit: Rob’s World Blog] How much fun is this clever creation? We found this great idea on Rob’s World Blog. He recycled old cds into this beautiful Christmas decoration! All it took was cds, super glue, and some Christmas lights. Trendy and earth friendly … now that’s the spirit!